Livestock protection in Cattle market after rain

By: Muhammad Ammar Saleem

After the terrible effects of rain in Karachi when the whole infrastructure and human life has been disturbed, one thing that needs the utmost attention is Karachi’s cattle market which is now-a-days at peak in business due to upcoming Eid-ul-Azha event. The rain resulted into flooding and the water has been accumulated in lower parts of the area. The sacrificial animals which were in wait to be bought by their new owners are now submerged in the water and dirty pond bedding. “Sohrab Goth Maweshi Mandi” is Paksitan’s largest cattle market which has capacity for 200,000 animals to house at one time. The addition of livestock waste in grime and sludging water is risky for the health of animals. Due to the pathetc situation, the buyers are reluctant to visit and thus animals are standing in these conditions for a longer time period and now they are becoming more prone to various parasitic and bacterial diseases. Once animals are exposed to these diseases, farmer not only have to sell at compromised rates but also they lead to diseases in humans when they consume that meat. Those animals which are not vaccinated yet are serious threat to the surrounding environments. Mostly the farmers who are intended to sell their animals are poor and they cannot afford the hygienic conditions especially in the case of rain after-results. The shades under which animals are standing, once start leaking due to rain become a continuos cause of restlessness and discomfort for the animals. When the shade is dirty then the water may leads to ammonia production and it is harmful for the eyes of animals especially incase of poor ventilation. The water leaking through those dirty shades also cause another common disease called coccidiosis. So it is important to recover the shades properly. Incase of goats, extra attention is needed because the muddy water leads to rotting hoof diseases in them. After rain, there is a lot of moisture on ground and it is ultimate source of disease causing bacteria production. Especially animals become victim of worms which affect their general performance and their health status is deteriorated.During and after rain, worms multiply at faster rate so it is the responsibility of market administration and farmers themselve to go through the process of deworming. The growth of ticks is also at peak during rainy season and thus, these are also called as “economy destabilizing cattle pests” because if they are not treated, then animals may die due to certain diseases. The flies like tsetse fly are also a dominant threat to animal proper spray with cutting of bushes in the attle market can decrease their growth otherwise farmers may lose their animals and buyers may get diseases animals to sacrifice. The best way to keep flies and ticks is to produce smoke around the sheds. Balanced diet along with proper vaccination is necessary in these rainy days. The feed provided to the animals is also wet and it leads to moulds development which causes cancer. It is better if famers hop up the wet grass and let it dry on sunlight before feeding, it will become a godd feed as the water is soaked. The comfort of animals shoud be the first priority because animals whenever face any kind of tress, ther immunity is compromise and they are more nearly to be affected with disease. To keep their immunity level, it is necessary for the administration and farmers to provide suitable environment free of any moist and the services of veterinay doctors should be taken in order to aware the buyers and sellers both that what kind of animal they should get to perform the sacred event.