By: Amnah Shaukat


On completion of one year of military siege of Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir and to show solidarity with Kashmiri people highlighting the Indian unilateral illegal actions against Kashmiri people as well as the barbarity being carried out by Indian forces in Indian Illegally  Occupied Jammu Youm e Istehsal will be observed on August 5 2020.

On August 2019, Indian Illegally change the special status of occupied Kashmir by abrogating article 370 and 35A  relating to the special status of Occupied Kashmir and divided the state into two parts. The Indian Government decided to divide the IIOJK Valley into two parts and separate the Kashmir Valley from Ladakh. Ladakh has been made a Federally Administered Territory which will not have a legislative assembly.As a result, Indian illegally occupied Kashmir will no longer be a state but a federal territory with a Legislative assembly.  Under Article 370, IIOJKO had a special status in the Indian Federation. Apart from Kashmiris, no Indian citizen or institution can buy property in Kashmir. Only Kashmiris had the legal right to vote in government jobs, state assemblies and other privileges. With the repeal of Sections 370 and 35A, the demographic, geographical and religious situation of Occupied Kashmir has changed drastically. Hindus, non-Muslims and non-Kashmiris will be resettled to end the Muslim majority status there.

Currently, whole valley is surrounded by Indian militrants who are forcing the people to stop the freedom movement in Kashmir by torturing them. The people of Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir are in grip of state terror. India is struggling to change the Muslim majority into minority through settling of non state subjects in the valley by issuing domiciles to Indian Hindus. Troops are being deployed in each corner of state to suppress the movement of Kashmiris by torturing them with guns and bullet. The Kashmir valley has become prison.

On Youm e Istehsal we want to give message to the India and whole world that despite all the effort of Indian forces Kashmiris will fight till their last breath. No power or atrocity of Indian forces can undermine the courage of Kashmiris they are determined to achieve the destination and Pakistan is always with them and will fight till its last breath. We request world community and human right institute to break silence and as true picture of India is in front of everyone.. Kashmiri should be given their rights and the long waited issue should be solved as early as possible.