PAL organizes discussion on Pakistani Literature in English

Staff Reporter


Islamabad: Pakistan Academy of Letters, (PAL) organized a discussion on the occasion of online “Weekly Celebrations of Independence Day” on “Pakistani Literature in English: New Directions, Conundrums and Debates” as held. Dr. Muhammad Safir Awan presided over the function. Dr. Yousuf Khushk, Chairman, PAL thanked the participants and presented introductory notes.  Dr. Masood Ashraf Raja, Haris Khaliq, Maneza Shamsi, Dr. Sibghatullah Khan, Dr. Muhammad Shiraz Dasti and Muhammad Ibrahim Khokhar presented articles on the topic. Discussion moderated by Dr. Asma Mansoor.

Dr. Safir Awan said that the introduction of Pakistani literature in the global arena is a good step. Pakistani literature in English is a mirror of our civilization, traditions, culture and general literature. Pakistani literature is no less than any other country in the world, but we can proudly compete with the best literature in the world.

Dr. Yousuf Khoshk said that Pakistani writers and poets have left masterpieces in English literature. This work is still going on with great diligence and continuity. Our English writers are no less than any other writer in the world. Their vision extends from regional literature to global literature. The social, economic, psychological and intellectual factors that take place at home and abroad are within the reach of their thinking and approach. In this sense, our writers have not only expanded English literature but also made it fruitful.