PANAH fighting simultaneously on many fronts to build healthy society: Masood-ur-Rehman

Staff Reporter

ISLAMABAD: President Pakistan National Heart Association (PANAH) Major General (retd) Masood-ur-Rehman Kayani said that PANAH is fighting simultaneously on many fronts to build a healthy society, Young generation should be kept out of reach of Sugary drinks and Tobacco which cause other diseases including heart disease,We need to formulate an effective policy with awareness campaign for the people, so that the future of the nation can be secured.An important meeting of the Advisory Board of Pakistan National Heart Association (PANAH) was held yesterday under the chairmanship of President Maj. Gen. (retd) Masood-ur-Rehman Kayani. Mian, Squadron Leader (R) Ghulam Abbas, Younis Khan, Miss Rukhsana Nazi, Dr. Zahida Ibrahim, Dr. Mazharul Haq Lone,ex health advisor of Ombudsman Dr. Fayyaz Ranjha, General Secretary Sanaullah Ghman specially attended. The meeting started with recitation from the Holy Quran, collective prayers were offered for the forgiveness of the departed comrades, after which the performance of the PANAH was reviewed. It was proposed to provide non-discriminatory heart treatment facilities to those in need apart from children, which was unanimously approved, On this occasion, the President of Panah, General Masood-ur-Rehman Kayani directed to mobilize the collected funds for the medical treatment of the poor including children in a more dynamic manner, while General Secretary Sanaullah Ghman directed to provide ambulance facility to the poor. Appreciating the proposal, all members, including President Panah, approved it. During the meeting, the use of sugary drinks and tobacco was declared as a cause of harmful and life-threatening diseases for the human body. On this occasion, the President Major General (retd) Masood-ur-Rehman Kayani said that the shelter has been active in providing awareness to the people about the diseases of the heart for 36 years, We not only provide awareness, but also help those in need and those who are economically exploited. A healthy society should be the priority of the government. This is possible only when natural food is made a part of our daily life. He termed the use of drinks and tobacco as unnecessary and said that if effective measures were not taken to curb the use of agran, more diseases would arise in the society. On the occasion, Sanaullah Ghman, General Secretary, Panah, said that the government should take immediate steps to keep sugary drinks and smokers. out of the reach of the younger generation, especially young children, so that a healthy society can be formed instead of getting sick.