Will go to every forum to resolve Kashmir Issue, PM Khan assures Barrister

Staff Reporter

ISLAMABAD: On Friday, Prime Minister Imran Khan met Former Prime Minister of Azad Kashmir Barrister Sultan Mahmood to discuss Kashmir issue. During the meeting, Imran Khan said that Pakistan will go to every forum to resolve the Kashmir issue as soon as possible and emphasize on to expose the ongoing barbarism in Occupied Kashmir. PM Khan further said that he will also try to take the Pakistani and Kashmiris who are living abroad into confidence to raise their voice against Kashmir issue. Talking about the upcoming elections in Kashmir, PM Khan and Barrister Sultan Mehmood agreed to give tickets only to the party members. PM Khan directed that Barrister Sultan Mehmood should complete his work soon to bring forward the best candidates of the party to run in the elections. During the meeting, the premier also said that the government of Pakistan has given funds in Azad Kashmir for its development and keeping an eye on them to ensure that those funds are not misused. Prime Minister Imran Khan and Barrister Sultan Mehmood Chaudhry also discussed the reorganization of the party and formation of wings Barrister Sultan Mehmood briefed the Prime Minister on the public relations campaign in the three divisions of Azad Kashmir Barrister Sultan thanks to the federal government for generously providing development funds to Azad Kashmir for federal projects and budget. Sultan highlighted that the Azad Kashmir government is not using funds properly due to its corruption and incompetence. AJK government is distributing funds only to its members, he further said.