Allocation of Bogus Domiciles

By: Syed Tahir Rashdi

It has been common and easier to get domicile of any province anytime. Even the foreigners can get a desired domicile. This has adversely affected job and admission quota in various universities. candidates studying in big cities get domicile of cities having a low literacy rate and get admission in the favorite universities. Similar has been the case in job market. Punjab has a quality and quantity in education. A number of aspirants from Punjab qualify for competitive examination but remain unallocated due to enough competition. Thus they are being motivated by their fellows to get domicile of Balochistan or Rural Sindh for selection in the lucrative positions. In 1973, a quota system was devised to allocate federal government jobs among all provinces based on population. This system was established to ensure that under developed provinces and territories of Pakistan do not get left out in the federal government jobs and other opportunities. Although, this system is commendable in principle but people of Sindh have not benefited from it due to the menace of fake domicile certificates of Sindh issued to people of other provinces. Federal government jobs might not be a big issue for other provinces but in case of Sindh they are a huge issue. Firstly, because there is already negligible representation of people of Sindh in federal apparatus and if no more people are hired then the existing share will further decline. The second reason is the rampant unemployment in the province where government jobs – provincial and federal – are the main source of employment. Therefore, depriving Sindh of its federal jobs shares directly increases unemployment in the province. This systematic deprivation of Sindh in federal jobs is made possible due to issue of fake domicile certificates. In every district the Deputy Commissioner (DC), a remnant of colonial past, issues domicile certificates to people. In past when officers from other provinces were posted as DCs in Sindh, they issued fake domicile certificates to their relatives. As per estimates, the figure of such domiciles is in tens of thousands. People who possess those domiciles certificates have never visited Sindh in their lives. Recently, final result of Combine Competitive Examination (CCE 2013) was announced by the Sindh Public Service Commission. Similar cases were noticed in the result which ought to have been verified first. Asma Batool who hails from Punjab actually, has been allocated Assistant Commissioner position having merit number 32 in CCE 2013 result. She appeared twice in PMS Punjab Public Service Commission examinations and appeared in CSS 2012 from Punjab domicile but remained unallocated consequently. How did she obtain domicile of Sindh in a single year? Sadaf Azam, 34th number in merit list of CCE 2013 result, who hails from Punjab has also been allocated the same slot. Maria Younis having merit number 66 got admission in Karachi university with the domicile of Punjab but appeared in CCE 2013 with the domicile of Urban Sindh. Danish Butt Mehmood from Punjab has also been allocated Exise and Taxation department. The name Danish Mehmood Butt also appears in Balochistan Public Service Commissions’ website for a competitive exam to be held soon. There are a lot hidden cases of fake domiciles. Such a manipulation against Sindh and Balochistan domiciles in CSS and other examinations were reported in past. The academicians, writers and students of Sindh have started a protest campaign against the allotment of bogus documents to illegal settlers in Sindh. It has been claimed that the local government from years has issued fake domiciles to settlers of Afghanistan, Khyber Phaktunkwa (KPK) and Punjab, and termed it a serious conspiracy against the native people. It was also claimed that the people of Sindh were being denied their right of getting governmental jobs and admissions in public institutions due to those bogus domiciles. In this regard a trend on twitter is going on that has reached top trends of the day #SindhRejectsBogusDomiciles in which the users are sharing information regarding fake domicile holders. However the three-member inquiry committee started its investigations on Thursday. The committee has been constituted by the Sindh chief secretary after massive complaints appeared on the social media that a large number of bogus domicile certificates have been issued from various districts of the province which have ruined their future. The committee at the very outset recorded statements of additional deputy commissioner-I Imdad Ali Abro, incharge of domicile branch and other relevant staff, inspected record room and within 15 minutes detected three bogus domiciles. The committee also found 250 suspected domiciles which were issued and took over the entire record. All the employees posted in the domicile branch were directed to report to Commissioner’s office forth with who will be replaced by another experienced staff. The committee is headed by Qazi Shahid Pervez, Senior Member, Board of Revenue (BoR), Sindh and other members include Secretary, Services and Coordination Department, Government of Sindh, Saeed Ahmed Mangnejo and Deputy Director PRC, BoR, Nazir Ahme Qureshi.