Zionism, Hindutva Versus Islamism

By: Malik Muhammad Aslam Awan


Zionism and Hindutva are, in reality historically interlinked with each other.  U.K. wreaked upon Muslims the defeat in two centuries long crusades inflicted upon Muslims to expel them from their birthplace.   Zionism culminated into usurpation of Palestinian territories to snatch their homeland and make them homeless and Hindutva endeavoured an oppressive sway over IOK – a territory which had majority of Muslims since a long time – to take revenge of almost one thousand years long rule of Muslims over the Indian territory.  British rule both in India and Palestine facilitated the creation of National homeland for Jews and in India aimed at providing an easy access to control IOK by awarding four Muslims majority Districts to India – Ferozpur Gurdaspur, Amritser and Jalandhar.  If Sir Cyril Redcliff and Viceroy Lord Mountbatten had not made deliberate injustice with Muslims by awarding four Muslim Majority Districts to India, the Indian occupied Kishmiri Muslims had not to undergo permanent Hindutva cruelties.  Intentions of sowing seeds of vendetta in both the territories were based on the nefarious designs to put Muslims in eternal unrest, trials and tribulations.

America has managed a peace treaty between UAE and Israel, while it is worth mentioning that the Palestine who is the real victim of Israel brutalities and expansionist designs has not been made a partner of the peace treaty.  American think tanks Profession Stephen vault and Professor John Meyar Shimer in a book “The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy” has quoted a letter of first Israel Prime Minister David Bin Gorion, written to National Jewish congress president Nauhem Goldman, stated that if he was at the position of Arab leaders, he never had made compromise with Israel.  He confessed that actually the Jews had snatched the homeland of Palestinians.  He referred that the Jews were originally the residents of Palestine but it was a matter of two thousand years ago.  If a person who was the first Prime Minister of Israel had confessed the truth that Palestinians deserve their homeland then there is no need to further explore the truth and no justification to rake out the historic facts to substantiate the case in favour of Palestine.

During 1941 – 1945 Six Million Jews were murdered methodically and with horrifying cruelty.  Such attempts by Adolf Hitler are named as holocaust which accelerated the Jewish movement to migrate to their original abode – as the Jews assume and profess to be.  With the fall of almost whole of Europe and being under Sway of Hitler, and the Jewish holocaust in all over the Europe, Jews all over the Europe fled to the territory of Palestine, to Soviet Union and United States.  The Zionism movement got acceleration, which was facilitated by Britain and National Home for Jews was declared.  Today Israel is a parliamentary democracy with population of over 9 million of whom about 7 million are Jewish.  The largest Jewish communities reside in Israel, The United States, France, Canada, Argentina Russia, United Kingdom, Australia and Germany.  Now almost 43 percent of world Jews live in Israel.  Since 1970 the US has become principal ally of Israel.  In 1979 an uneasy Egypt, Israel peace treaty was signed based on camp David accord.  In 1993 Israel signed Oslo accord with Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) followed by establishment of Palestinian National Anthority and in 1994 Israel – Jordan peace treaty was signed.  Despite efforts to finalize the peace agreement, the conflict continued to grow to most severe factor, due to Israel occupation designs.  Before dilating on Zoinism and occupation of Palestine we will have to explore the Jewish history.  According to Hebrew Bible Jews descend from the ancient people of Israel, who were settled in the land of Cannan – between the eastern coast of Mediterranean sea and the Jordan river.  On May 14, 1948 David Bin Gurion, the head of the Jewish agency proclaimed the establishment of the Israel.  U.S. President Hery S. truman recognized the declaration on the same day.

During 1870, and 1880s the Jewish population in Erope Began to vehemently discuss immigration back to Israel and re-establishment of Jewish Nation in its national homeland, Cannan, fulfilling the biblical prophecies relating to Shival Tzion.  In 1882 the first Zionist Settlement – Rishon Lezion was founded by immigrants who belonged to the Hovevei Zion movement.  Later on the Bilu Movement established many other settlements in the land of Israel.  The Zionist movement was founded officially after the Kattawitz convention (1884) and the World Zionist Congress (1897) and it was Theodor Herzl who began to struggle to establish a state for the Jews.  After the first World war (1914) it seemed that the conditions to establish such a state had arrived, to embark upon re-settlement in the land of Palestine.  The United Kingdom captured Palestine from Ottoman Empire and the Jews received a promise of a National home.

It is noteworthy that in 1517 ottoman empire conquered Palestine and continued ruling the territory till 1917.  In the same year (1917) British conquered it and ruled the territory under the British mandate till 1948, when the Jewish state of Israel was proclaimed as part of ancient land of Israel, the arrangement was made possible by the Zionist movement and U.K. promise with Jews to re-settle them in Palestine.

It is noteworthy that Palestine was conquered in the reign of Hazrat Umer, the Second Caliph.  Other parts of the world were, also, conquered in the reign of Hazrat Umer and the Muslim State encompassed then the 22 Lac square miles of the world.  The Cannan is considered the birth place of Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Druze and Bahain Faith.  During the Crusade period (1099-1291) a large scale conflict between Islam and Christianity erupted and after the crusade period the land became predominantly Muslim habitat and later on after Mamluk Sultanate, after 1516, came under the sway of Ottoman Empire.

After the Zionism movement the British Government publicly committed to create a Jewish National Home and granted the mandate to rule Palestine, by the league of Nations.  Arabs, also, claimed their right over former Ottoman territories and sought to prevent Jewish immigrants, it is the important turning point in the Jewish history that with the rise of Adolf Hilter in Germany in 1933, the Jewish situation became more worsened.  In 1939 World war 11 began and until 1941 Hilter occupied almost all of Europe, including Poland, where millions of Jews were living at that time and France 1941 following the invasion of Soviet Union the final solution began and intensive operation on an unprecedented scale aimed at the annihilation of Jewish people and resulting in the persecution and widespread murder of Jews in Europe.  The Influx of Jews to Palestine was thwarted by Arabs and constant disturbance took place, despite Several attempts of peace accord the situation got worsened and Israel had swallowed almost 80 percent of Palestinian territory.

even some parts of Jordan and Egypt have , also, been forcibly occupied by Israel and same is still the bone of contention between Palestine Israel and Arab countries.  The vendetta is growing in magnitude due to Israel expansionist designs.  IOK is ,also, simmering under suppressive rule of India due to Hindutva’s annexation strategy.

Turkey, Malaysia and Pakistan are in embroiling state and feel uneasy over the peace treaty between UAE and Israel.  The treaty is ,in fact, based on the mal-intent to create rifts between Turkey, Malaysia, Iran, Pakistan and Arab Countries.  Peace treaty clearly connote to make Palestinians feel that Arab block is no more at their back.  US administration had achieved two goals with one stroke, first to make feel IOK Kashmiris as well as Palestinians that they enjoy, no longer, the support of Arab block and second to further enhance the gulf between Turkey, Malaysia, Iran, Pakistan and Arab block.