CPEC and Greater Turkey

By: Malik Aslam Awan

Having realized the manifold and marvelous advantages of CPEC and its ancillary projects, power generating, revamping the railway tracks, construction of SEZ’s alongwith a vast network of Link CPEC Roads, China, Pakistan, Turkey, Iran and Russia are getting closer to form a most potential Block. World is changing with unprecedented velocity and new Divine world order is going to be implemented. World events are taking a concrete incarnation, leading the world towards a comprehensively changed scenario. World Horizon is going to see the renaissance of the Muslims all around the globe. US has managed a peace treaty and got realized a long cherished dream of Israel of “being greater Israel”. But the world scenario is not bound by any means to drift towards the direction dictated by USA. USA is a country which accepted the sinister creation of Israel immediately after it emerged on world globe, it did not wait even for a single day to pass away. Israel is the stooge of USA, to act like a robot upon its dictations. USA is making viable efforts, in its own thinking, to make Israel an undisputed entity acceptable to all the world countries. USA has manipulated to destroy Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Lebonon and Lybia and the economy of these countries had shrunk to an alarming state, which had made their existence a hard nut to crack. Unbearable annihilation in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Lebonon is the phenomenon of USA malignant policy towards world peace. World peace means the amelioration of humanity and USA is ever hostile to world amelioration. Why USA and India clamour against CPEC, because both countries had forseen the getting closer of Pakistan, China, Russia, Iran and Turkey and natural formation of a strongest block of the world, which would endeavour hard and make hectic efforts for other nations to have advantages and fruits of the fast moving CPEC economic acceleration. Russia, Turkey, Iran, Pakistan and China would be major beneficiaries of the progress ensuing as greatest blessing to the fortune of their people and the aggrandizement of state. Recep Tayyip Erdogan has initiated visionary plans to boost the economy of Turkey. Turkey under his charismatic leadership is getting near the destination of economic stability, with unprecedented velocity. Mammoth reserves of natural gas have been unearthed, which would give unmatched boost to Turkish economy. Turkish currency Lirra is gaining stability against US dollar, and in future Lirra may have great attraction for world investors more than US Dollars. Since now world investors have started purchasing Lirra to replace their dollar reservoirs. Turkey’s economic growth rate has rung the bell of danger for US dollar. USA is making hectic efforts to destabilize Turkey but Recep Tayyip Erdogan is sensitive enough to apprehend American plans and to thwart these sinister motives, he seems to be in full bloom to counter policies antagonistic to Turkish interests. Recep Tayyip Erdogan has designs and vision to chalk out a policy in the best interest of Turkish population as well as the whole Muslim Ummah. In the hearts of Muslim Ummah he enjoys the position, not less than our pride heros, Salah-ud-Din Ayyobi, Noor-ud-Din Zangi, Khalib bin Waleed, Musa bin Maseer, Muhammad bin Qasim, the Souls of these Generals who fought for the glory of Islam with undaunted valour might be happy in the heaven to see rise of a leader in the Muslim world who feel the pain in his heart for all Muslims equal to that of Turkish masses. Recep Tayyip Erdogan is of the opinion that there might be the renaissance of Islam, and to realize his most valued intentions is endeavoring hard to awaken Muslims all around the globe. He has smacked that USA and Israel are making joint and concerted efforts to cause unbridgeable rifts between the Arabs and Turkey, Iran, Pakistan to make them devoid of national unity. It is lamentable that Arab block leaders endeavour to safeguard their own wealth accumulated in Indian projects and USA, are getting back from their incumbency to safeguard the interests of Muslim Ummah. Erdogan has rightly realized the crystal clear fact that USA is not the sincere friend of Muslims, and in this perspective he harbours visionary approach towards the formation of a block comprising of Russia, Iran, Pakistan and China, which would soon be a world leading block not to follow but lead the whole of world. China and Pakistan have embarked upon a program of Joint intelligence sharing. China is entrusting the Bidro System to Pakistan, which is the best alternative to American GPS system and entails the results more accurate than American GPS satellite system. Pakistan company Suparco in collaboration with China will install Bido network and after its installation China and Pakistan would have joint technology to target missile and aircraft ventures. Moreover Mosad and CIA don’t have the calibre to hack this unique system. Pakistan, China, Turkey, USSR, Iran, being the members of same block would boost their, within the block trade and their economy is likely to accelerate to gain further momentum. China being the cordial, sincere friend and having friendship – with Pakistan – higher than the heights of Himaliya would like Pakistan having strategic, economic hegemony over South Asia and Middle Eastern Countries. CPEC is a project envisioned and initiated between both the countries, China and Pakistan having manifold intents and arena’s of mutual cooperation, which after completion will not only bring drastic changes in economies of both the nations but will be harbinger of a new era for both nations. Turkey, Iran, Pakistan Russia and China are heading towards a natural block, playing a leading role in world affairs. India and USA both criticize the joint ventures of China, Pakistan (CPEC) because they know full well that India is natural enemy of Pakistan and is going to a position of subservience and USA ever allied with Israel and India, will be lowered down from number one strategic and economic power and China Pakistan and Turkey would replace America, the dollar would be a weaker currency. Strategic, economic supremacy of America will see utter decline and resultantly India and Israel would come down to miserable plight of plebeian.