Event of Karbala inspires us to uphold glory of Islam: PM AJK

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MUZAFFARABAD:  The Azad Jammu and Kashmir Prime Minister Raja Muhammd Farooq Haider Khan in his message on Ashura  Muharram has said that the day had a most significant place in the Islamic history, because on this day Imam-e-Hussain and his companions embarrassed shahadat in the battle of Karbala, making the tragic event unforgettable till the Day of Judgment.

He said that event of Karbala inspires us to uphold the glory of Islam combined with the renowned pledge to render every kind of sacrifice for the lofty ideals of Islam. He said the supreme sacrifices offered by Hazrat Imam-e-Hussain and his companions had guiding principles for the whole humanity. The sacrifice of Imam-e-Hussain   had also inspired those nations offering sacrifices for their liberation against the occupation forces he added

The Prime Minister called for promoting the principles of equality, tolerance and unity and to follow strictly the footprints of Hazarat Imam-e-Hussain (RA) He said Imam-e-Hussain his family members and companions are a triumph for humanity Islamic principles and a battle between good and evil. It reminded us that Muslims should be ready to offer all kinds of sacrifices for the promotion of higher values of Islamic principles. The Prime Minister said keeping in view of the prevailing circumstances it was need of the hour that the nation forge complete Unity and understanding in its ranks to foil the designs of the enemy