Real Feminism

By: Muhadsa Naqvi

Every time, I read or heard the word “Feminism” I felt like it has become a kind of taunt for women nowadays. We have forgotten the purpose behind this. And this is not just about feminism. In every field of life we have made fun of everything. And the people who are truly struggling for the cause have been become victims just because of our carelessness and useless attitudes. Just because of 5 seconds laughter we had destroyed so many purposeful theories and Ideologies. When we look back towards history, we see the sacrifices of great warriors but when we look at ourselves what we have done so far other than of making fun of great achievements of great people.

Especially the generation of 20th century has tried their level best to make fun of everything. We have created memes instead of continuing great ideologies.

Coming towards my real point of discussion “Feminism” I would say that we “The girls” , “The women” didn’t deserve someone to raise voice for us! You know why? Because in the name of honour of our families we bear all the injustices.

We couldn’t speak because what will people say?

In offices, educational institutions and even in the hospitals women have been become victims of our respectable men community. But those women never ever speak just because of the fear that who will marry them afterwards?

And the question here is: how did those men dare to cross their limits?

And let me give you the answer: because they already knew that those women will never open their mouths. Because they choose the weak ones, the anti-social ones, those who seem afraid, those who are least confident, those who are the easy prey.

If we focus on the reason of this weakness, fear and the lake of confidence there are again “men” in the form of husband, father or brother. Those men who never trusted their women, who didn’t educate their women, those who didn’t give them confidence to walk in the society, those who had made their women dependent instead of independent. And when those women become victims of sexual Harassment, because of fear and lake of confidence those women never speak for themselves and with the time being when those women get marry and start up their lives, that fear and that trauma remains in their memory forever and effects them psychologically. This Psychological disorder will definitely effect their married life and the children they born too.

When men failed to give protection to their own women the theory of “Feminism” started. It’s not just for the legal rights of women like education, inheritance and right of expression etc but also for the social and economical rights of women. In the society where there were no rights for women to the society where women are leading society with the men. Feminism movement was the one to provide the pillars for women to build their lives. But unfortunately now our own women have made feminism a taunt for ourselves. THIS IS JUST A SHAME FOR ALL OF US. We have done nothing but we have disgraced the whole women community just because of our useless and careless attitudes.

When women fall prey to the wolves of our community and then don’t speak, it gives more power to those wolves and they attack so many other women. We have heard about acid attacks but in my point of view this period of silence is far more dangerous than any acid attack for a woman because she is herself giving the right to a man to destroy her life and the life of her fellow women too ! Is this equality in our society? Is this freedom? Where women are under this much oppression that even after getting harassed they couldn’t speak up for themselves just because what will people say? And who will marry them afterwards!

We are not equal. We are still oppressed by this society.

And if we see the results of Feminism, the people who have supported and accepted this theory are much safer. The men supported their women and those women have become more confident and independent. Men think thousand times to harass a woman who is educated and confident because they are afraid of their reputation too. Those educated and confident women can expose them and can destroy their reputation too if they tried to harm them physically or Psychologically.

We still have to work on our society. We have to tell the world that “mera jism meri marzi” doesn’t mean the vulgarity but it means It’s mine body and who the hell are you to touch me without my consent. If men and women have equal rights then who the hell is a man harassing a woman at work place? If men and women are equal then who the hell is a male professor blackmailing a female student that I’ll fail you if you didn’t fulfilled what I asked for? If men and women are equal then who the hell is a male doctor who is taking advantage of a female patient who is even on the death bed? If men and women are equal then what the hell is this community where even the children are not safe? If men and women are equal then why we needed feminism?

Now question yourself!

If you are a woman, can you fight for yourself? If you are a woman, can you stand in front of thousands of men and ask for what you are eligible? If you are a woman, can you work without fear in a manmade community? If you are a woman, are you able to travel safely anywhere in your own country alone? If you are a single mother, can you brought up your children alone without having any character certificate by this society? If you are an aged girl, can you live in this society without hearing that why haven’t you married yet? If you are a college going girl, can you walk alone from narrow streets in your own town?

If not, then how men and women are equal and why we needed feminism?

-Writer is University Student of Law and human rights.