Locusts eradicated from Punjab, KP and Sindh, says NLCC

Staff Reporter

ISLAMABAD:The National Locust Control Center (NLCC) on Thursday declared that Punjab, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Sindh have been cleared of the swarms of locusts.

However, swarms of locusts still present in Balochistan, the NLCC said in a statement.

The NLCC conducted a survey of 1,99,335 hectares of land in 24 hours. In a control operation carried out on 330 hectares of District Lasbella in Balochistan.

An anti-locust operation had carried out in 11,26,949 hectares of land during last six months and averted the pest threats, which had effected 61 districts of four provinces, according to the statement.

Meanwhile, anti-locust survey and control operations were conducted during last 24 hours in which about 212,797 hectares area have been surveyed, where as control operation carried out on 600 hectares of District Lasbella of Balochistan and 320 hectares of Sindh.

The NLCC in an earlier statement said that due to continuous efforts of joint teams formed to combat desert locust, no locust was reported from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Punjab, however, swarms of locusts were present in Hyderabad and Jamshoro districts of Sindh and a district in Balochistan.