How to reduce discrimination

By: Sana Khizar

Discrimination or Differentiation has always been a serious problem in our country, these includes black and white, female and male, rich and poor, Muslims and non Muslims, upper and lower class, caste distinctions, Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism and many other social, traditional and religious categories. I really feel melancholy when I see people differentiating one another. However, it has become permanent with our tradition and it seems that nothing will change it but still nobody else seems to be understanding. Broadly speaking, It gives rise to several, you can say innumerable social issues as like not cooperating with each other, decreases faith on any one, selfishness, prejudice, and many more. It is very difficult to be differentiated but still it is happening day and day out in every field. One thing more in our country there are uncountable casts due to this many environments, societies are getting worse and people are choked to cooperate with each others but no one seems to be interested to remove this disgraceful behavior. Neither the government is seemed to take serious actions nor the people are seemed to stop differentiating each others. if such-and-such things happen then there will be life but not lovers and faithful people. Undoubtedly, history proves that there is no winner in wars, which are created by doing such works, the only owner in war is destruction. So, we need to be like a family and a nation, where there no one is black and no one is white as well as where there everyone is known by his deeds, behavior, attitude, loyalty and virtue in order to live in a country peacefully mentally and physically as well. The body and the ego are an illusions, we are the soul that is the reality. These distinctions of caste, color and gender are the result of ignorance. Unity is the only rule of life. Being a Muslim community, we should follow the teachings of our beloved prophet Muhammad peace be upon him to remove such obnoxious assumptions. We must get rid from this very conservative tradition to make our relations soft and good with our society. Here, I am requesting the Government to play its role to reduce prejudice from the country by passing law and regulations that require fair and equal treatments for all categories of people. Media can launch campaigns to solve this issue. Young generation is also requested to play their role in this regard and if they find any discrimination, ask to the authorities. Knowledge, sense and experience are of no use if these cannot benefit others. People have to keep in mind, that we are all the same. Lack of culture and economic power makes no difference to God. God our creator is above all. We are all born and die. No one is aware of the evils of the world. Our origin, race, status or power does not matter. -The writer is a student of BS English final year in university of Poonch Azad Kashmir