Fortune traders of the new generation

By: Basit Ali

Politics and business go hand in hand. Government is a huge market for traders and investors. Therefore, a proper and friendly government is the desire of every capitalist. These traders try their best to establish iron-strong relations with the government and government institutes to sell their services and goods. Sometimes these people get the attention of government officials by presenting gifts and offerings and sometimes by commissions from the earned money.

By using legitimate and illegitimate tactics, these people somehow manage to expand their business to government institutions. Some capitalists are so far-sighted that they even use capitalism to form a government. They ei-ther put their representatives in politics or when politicians start politics, they need money to do an election campaign.  They persuade a capitalist to spend money.

If a politician is a relatively strong political figure, then the big capitalist invests in him. In response, this politician assures him for cooperation after coming into power. This cooperation is obtained in the form of tenders and contracts. These people get contracts to build roads, bridges, and government buildings, to gener-ate electricity for the country, and to sell medicines to the health department. They supply food items to utility stores in the country. They get contracts to provide transport and stationery. They sell all kinds of goods and services to government agencies.

Politicians use some of this money for political campaigns and most of it to buy votes. By selling vote, people trade their integrity and the fate of future generations for a few rupees. A common man does not know those upcoming generations will suffer the consequences of their folly. The capitalists who establish the government through capitalism, they have the power to control the government for the next five years. In this way, the scourge of corruption becomes a permanent part of our society. For example, they get contracts from the government to build roads, bridges, and government buildings. They either receive money without completing the project or by doing poor quality work.

Business food suppliers supply substandard ingredients that are extremely deadly and harmful to human health. Pharmaceutical firms sell harmful drugs. In this way, the politicians and the aristocracy together plunder the government treasury. Our illit-erate and ignorant people sell their future and the future of their future generations for a few bucks. That is why the Umra (rich peoples), the hoarding mafia, has always been rampant in this country. Problems like poverty, unemployment, poor infrastructure, lack of energy, lack of facilities in the health department, etc. are always present in the country.

These people get the money by snatching the rights of the common peoples.I humbly request the common man of this country; that does not prefer this small amount of thou-sands or a few hundred rupees. You people deserve more than that. This whole country is yours and you are its real owner, just elect honest and capable leadership.  Jab kbi zameer k soday ki bat hoDat jao Hussain k inkar ki tarha(When it comes to a deal of conscience, stand up like Hussein’s (R.A) denial.)