Temperature in Karachi likely to soar till Thursday

Bureau Report

KARACHI: Mercury in Karachi likely to soar from today (Monday) till Thursday, said the Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD).

The suspension of sea winds in Karachi soaring the temperature and humidity. The weather in the city will remain warm and humid, while the maximum temperature in the city could reach to 35 degree Celsius.

However, the PMD has ruled out chances of any heatwave in the country.

Soothing sea breeze have a cooling effect on weather in Karachi, which usually keeps the mercury level in the city below the mid-30s degrees Celsius even in the harshest of heatwaves in the region.

In June, 2015, severe heatwave had caused over 1100 heat-related deaths in the city after suspension of winds to the city blowing from the Arabian Sea.

According to experts an unprecedented weather system – a huge and wide low-pressure area that later turned into a depression – in the Arabian Sea formed some 400 kilometers away from Karachi and stopped the sea breeze.

The depression remained stationary in the Arabian Sea for a few days, increasing the temperature in Karachi by 10 degrees Celsius causing an unprecedented number of deaths by excruciating weather in the month of Ramazan.