No public hanging law under consideration, says Mazari

ISLAMABAD: Human Rights Minister Shireen Mazari on Saturday said that no law for public hanging has been under consideration

Prime Minister Imran Khan has taken the cabinet members into confidence over the matter in the cabinet session, Shireen Mazari said.

“No law for the public hanging of rapists is in the offing,” human rights minister said. “Due to international conventions the public hangings’ law could not be introduced,” Mazari said.

However the government was mulling over several measures to prevent such incidents from taking place and ensuring justice for victims with strict punishments and enforcement of the law.

“The witnesses will be ensured proper protection in rape and sexual assault cases,” Mazari said. “There will be no option for a settlement with the victim’s family in such cases now,” she further said, adding that more women will be inducted into the police force, who will be tasked with investigating such cases.

The human rights minister also said that the government would set up a ‘Rape Centre’ that would follow up on such cases in courts.

Those found to leak identities of accused, including the media houses, would have to face proper legal action, human rights minister said.

After proper debate the penalties will be determined and a bill with regard to the sentences will be prepared before the next parliament session, Mazari said.

The legislation won’t be restricted to the culprits involved in assaults against women only, but it will cover sexual crimes against women, children, man and transgender, the minister added.