Thailand declares emergency amid anti-government protests

Bangkok: The government of Thailand has declared a state of emergency in order to curb anti-regime protests.

According to details, an emergency has been declared in Thailand in order to put an end to three months of student-led protests calling for curbs on king’s power and resignation of country’s premier Prayuth Chan-ocha.

The government has arrested several protestors and activists including several political leaders.

The government has also imposed a ban on large gatherings saying that it was important to ‘maintain peace and stability’ in the country.

“It is extremely necessary to introduce an urgent measure to end this situation effectively and promptly to maintain peace and order,” state television said.

The demonstrations have escalated over the past three months and on Wednesday tens of thousands of people marched in capital Bangkok. The protestors also set u a camp outside Government House, the prime minister’s office.

The government said it took action after protestors obstructed a royal motorcade.

The student-led anti-government movement has become the greatest challenge to Thailand’s ruling establishment.

The demonstrators are demanding the resignation of Mr Prayuth, who is a former army chief and seized power in a 2014 coup before becoming premier last year after a controversial election.