NACTA suggests heightened security amid threats of imminent terrorist attacks in Quetta, Peshawar

ISLAMABAD: The National Counter Terrorism Authority (NACTA) has warned on Thursday that Tehreek e Taliban Pakistan is planning attacks on political and religious leaderships across Quetta and Peshawar in the near future.

According to the alert issued by the counter-terrorism watchdog, TTP is planning a terrorist attack on political and religious leaders of the country in the two provincial capitals.

The alert comes on the eve of Pakistan Democratic Movement gatherings scheduled in the many cities including,  Quetta and Peshawar, wherein NACTA has warned the possible attacks coordinated by TTP could target high-profile persons from religious and political parties.

The authority has alerted the relevant Law Enforcing Agencies that the recent evidence collected from Qamar Din Karen in its raid on October 21 found the explosives and devices planned to be used in the said possible attacks.

NACTA has, thus, suggested LEAs in its letter today to heighten the security provided to the leadership  of religious and political parties.

It has also notified the chief secretaries of all the provinces, including those of Gilgit Baltistan and Azad Kashmir. It may be noted that NACTA implied Indian recent propaganda hints at the same possible attacks, it fears are planned by TTP in the near future.