Kashmir: A Land of Dispute

By: Saddique Lone

Kashmir is the unfortunate region of the world which was bought and enslaved by 7.5 million Nanak Shahi including people’s living here. Once the minority ruled over the majority through oppressive decision, the global claimants of justice have always committed genocide and destruction of Kashmiris in the name of justice.
Supported the plans Kashmiris sacrificed millions of freedom fighters, but due to the hypocrisy of the world powers, this war of independence has not only led to oppression and violence, the Paradise Valley has become a military camp, a picture of fear, despair and darkness. Kashmir is a region whose past has exemplified beauty, lushness, natural beauty, high and lofty mountains, the best fruits of the world, fruits, snow-capped mountain ranges, beautiful valleys, exemplary morals and toughness of its people, Islamic friendship, Love and brotherhood were given in different parts of the world with reference to the exemplary services and high talents of Kashmiri youth and when Kashmir is mentioned, the same thing comes to mind but today when one mentions Kashmir, immediately Imagine the siege, the military camp, the rape of women, the fear, the oppression, the violence, the slavery, the despair, the murder, the dark future of the children, the division of the Line of Control (LOC) and Indian domination. Comes. However, despite all this, Kashmiris have not given up hope.
Despite the immense loss of life and property, the great grandsons of Kashmir did not bargain for their independence. The Kashmir dispute is said to be the oldest conflict in the world and it is also said that if the so-called civilized world does not resolve this dispute, then perhaps the cause of the first regular global nuclear war in the world and then a major catastrophe in the world is Kashmir. Will be As an expression of solidarity with the courage of Kashmiris and their struggle for independence from Indian rule, the Pakistani nation has been celebrating Kashmir Solidarity Day on February 5 every year for decades. Here we will present some historical facts regarding the past, present and future of the State of Jammu and Kashmir and the Kashmir dispute.The state of Jammu and Kashmir is spread over 84 major areas consisting of Kashmir Valley, Jammu, Kargil, Ladakh, Baltistan, Gilgit and Poonch and dozens of smaller regions covering an area of ​​84,471 square miles.
The state is larger than 140 UN member states in terms of population and 112 in terms of area. The misfortune of the Kashmiris began with the Treaty of Amritsar on March 16, 1846, by which Gulab Singh bought the territory of Jammu and Kashmir and Hazara from the British for 7.5 million Nanakshahis and enslaved them, while occupying the territories of Gilgit-Baltistan, Kargil and Ladakh. By establishing a strong and stable state, the Maharaja of Kashmir put an end to the persecution of Muslims because the ruling class was a minority while 85% of the population of the region was Muslim, so the rulers always felt threatened by the Muslims.On October 24, 1947, the establishment of an independent government in present-day Azad Kashmir was announced, with Ghulam Nabi Gulgar as its first president. According to the Partition of India formula, the state of Jammu and Kashmir, being 85% Muslim, was to become part of Pakistan, but since the ruler was Dogra, he sought to make the state part of India or its sovereign status. The Muslims demanded that the state be made a part of Pakistan but Dogra continued to use delaying tactics. That is why with the establishment of an independent government in Azad Kashmir on October 24, 1947, the Mujahideen turned towards Srinagar and reached Srinagar.
The Maharaja of Kashmir fled from the capital and fled to Jammu.There have been wars between Pakistan and India from 1947 to 1948, 1965 and Kargil over the Kashmir dispute. Although the 1971 war also took place between the two countries, it was not directly related to the Kashmir dispute, but Kashmir was the main reason for India’s intervention in East Pakistan. The situation is still that there could be a nuclear war between the two countries at any time. The struggle of Kashmiris for independence started in 1931 on the initiative of Majlis-e-Ahrar-e-Islam is still going on in stages. #IAmKashmirAmbassdor
-The writer is student at UAJK; President SJF, can be reached at [email protected]