Life at LoC Sectors

By: Afifa Khan

When we talk about Kashmiris, we mostly talk about the suffering and pain of the people living in Indian occupied Kashmir. But what about those who are living on LoC sectors of Azad Kashmir. Kashmir’s Line of Control is the de facto border between India and Pakistan in the contested region, where tensions have been high since a recent militant attack.
The lush green mountains through which the Line Of Control (LoC) runs can be misleading. They might look tranquil and scenic on the surface but they are dotted with army checkpoints, both on the Pakistani and Indian sides of the de facto border.
The LoC is one of the most heavily militarised frontiers in the world – and it’s also one of the most restricted areas. People living on LoC sectors are facing Indian brutality, heavy shelling and fear of death . 12 years old student named Iqra was going to school, she didn’t know that this was the last day of her life, on her way to school she was killed by the firing of Indian army.
What was the fault of that school going girl???
Who are responsible for this?
Our people are suffering, our kids are growing under the fear of war. Can you imagine the condition of an old father living in Polas, a village of Abbaspur who has four young daughters and his only savings are his house and some dairy animals, at 1:00 am suddenly Indian army opend the mouth of his guns towards civilians and his house was badly damaged and animals was killed..
Who will pay to him???
You , me or anyone else???
Our people are being killed, our houses are being damaged by the heavy shelling of Indian army.
Why world is sleeping???
Why no one is thinking about the people living on LOC sectors of Azad kashmir??
Do you think we are safe??
Do you think we are enjoying our freedom in this situation?
Our lives and businesses are always disrupted by the Indian shelling but we’re not scared,” “We’ll never leave this place.”The Pakistani army wants to send a message of calm and resolve, but as with every stand-off in Kashmir, the fear of escalation always lies between the two nuclear-armed states.