Indian brutalities aims to refrain Kashmiris from demand of Freedom: Altaf Ahmed Bhat

Staff Reporter

Islamabad: President Jammu Kashmir Salvation Movement Altaf Ahmed Bhat in a statement here in Islamabad today has denounced the recent killing of 9 youth, and destruction of almost 20-24 houses by Indian troops in fake search operations in Shopian District. Bhat asserted that this is a clear violation of Article 50, 51, and 147 of the Geneva Convention I, II, and IV, which state that “Destruction and appropriation of Property, no Justified by Military Necessity and Wantonly” are grave breaches.President JKSM Bhat added that under the guise of COVID-19 Indian brutal troops have been Target Killing Kashmiri Youth, destroying houses, and Looting cash and rashan from houses. But still India has failed to curb the voice of Kashmiris for Freedom. Kashmiris are the bravest nation on earth who are continuously fighting for their birthright as per the Resolutions of United Nations.During the Twin Lockdown the Indian troops have killed 160 Kashmiris, 1300 people are critically injured, 74 women molested, 15 Billion $ loss to economy, 910 houses are damaged.Bhat further said that, while in District Pulwama 9 youth are killed, 17 youth were detained in two consecutive nocturnal raids at Murran village of Pulwama district. Among the 17 detainees a lecturer has also been detained.Bhat further said that the question arises here: Despite receiving statements from different countries and the UN; We cannot find any powerful state that could ask Narendra Modi to stop the atrocities against Kashmiris draconian Laws he has imposed on Kashmir. Let it be known to the world if Fascist Modi is not stopped, and Kashmiris and Pakistanis are neglected in the same way, then War becomes inevitable, which will engulf the whole of South Asia.Hence for Stability and peace in the region where more than 3 billion people live, the International Community needs to pressurize India to leave Kashmir and resolve the Kashmir issue as per the aspirations of Kashmiris, and United Nations Resolutions.