Ayesha Omer Responds To Hater

Showbiz Report

LAHORE:  Popular actress Ayesha Omer has set an example for her colleagues in the showbiz industry by shutting the mouth of her hater.

A hater wrote on actress’s post that he used to watch her dramas but curse on it to which she responded that it was really surprising for her that still he followed her, and she also prayed for him.

She responded very politely when she received abuses from a follower on one of her posts on social media. An hater had written on her post: “Beta Ayesha Omar wese tu tumare drame dekhata tha lekin beta lanat hai,” ( Dear Ayesha Omar I used to watch your dramas but, my daughter, curse on it).

The actress gave quick response but selection of words reflect her patience and control over herself. She wrote: “You curse me but still follow. I couldn’t understand dear. Still I pray for you that you stay happy forever.”

Earlier, the actress announced to make a separate Instagram account to avoid hate she was receiving on her previous profile.

She was facing it since the time she went to visit Ibiza, Spain where she was spotted having a lot of fun. Many of her fans did not like her bold pictures and videos and trolled her actions on social media.

Taking to an Instagram story, the star wrote, “So I’ve deleted all my stories, the ones with all the DJ’s and music.” She continued to share her feelings over the narky comments and said, “Thanks to all your hate, I’ll be making a private Instagram account very soon and that’s where I’ll share those with my friends and family. Should’ve done it sooner actually. Don’t need none of them negative vibes in my life,”.

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