Brilliant performance of PML-N in AJK

By: Raja Allahuddin Khadim

The PML-N government in AJK, headed by Raja Muhammad Farooq Haider Khan, the Prime Minister of Azad Jammu and Kashmir, during its four years in power, took revolutionary steps in its three-point strategy i.e. independence of Kashmir, good governance and development. The PML-N government has been remarkable in that it has reaped the fruits of development on an equal footing in urban as well as rural areas.In this era of development, the Prime Minister of Azad Jammu and Kashmir Raja Muhammad Farooq Haider Khan took practical steps. In the meantime Minister for Information, Raja Mushtaq Ahmad Minhas, mobilized the Department of Public Relations to bring these fruits of development to the people, due to which the Public Relations Department kept the people informed about the government measures in a timely manner. Across Azad Kashmir, many developmental projects were completed during the rule of the PMLN, whereas in Poonch Rawalakot, on the special direction of the Prime Minister of AJK, every department launched several projects to ensure the welfare of the people, many of which developmental projects have been completed so far.Projects under Pearl Development Authority in Poonch Rawalakot completed public housing scheme in the last four years at a cost of Rs. 4847,500. Pearl Development Authority completed 40 km of roads in Poonch district including Kharak Road 4.386 at a cost of Rs. 30018232.Apart from this, Dhanmi Road, Tar Road, Pothi Romkwalan, Self Financing Projects, six water filtration plants, Rawalakot, Children’s Park Housing Scheme at a total cost of Rs. 130359155 were timely completed. In addition, on the special directive of the Government of Azad Kashmir and the Prime Minister of Azad Kashmir, reconditioning in Kharak in Poonch district in which link road Elementary College Khalatrata 0.5 was completed at a cost of 20555021. Similarly, among the ongoing projects of Pearl Development Authority, work is underway on a total of 3.480 km at Trar Rawalakot at a total cost of Rs 20,831,207. Pearl Development Authority Public Parks / Lake Tehsil Rawalakot area has been allotted at 5 places. The total area for which is 673 kanals. The total length of 30 km of Khai Galla, Tuli Pir Lasdana Road is being worked at a cost of more than Rs. 722.54 million. Durandi Tetri Note Road 15 km with a total cost of Rs. 26 million 69 thousand is under construction.The Government of Azad Jammu and Kashmir under the leadership of Raja Muhammad Farooq Haider is doing its best to set the best example of good governance by providing basic amenities to the people at their doorstep. The recent outbreak of the coronavirus, which started in Wuhan, China, has spread to the entire world. The coronavirus has killed an estimated 700,000 people worldwide, on such an occasion, the government of PML-N Azad Kashmir and Raja Muhammad Farooq Haider Khan took timely steps and decided to lock down Azad Kashmir. The main entry points of Azad Kashmir were sealed. With timely steps taken by the Prime Minister of Azad Kashmir Raja Muhammad Farooq Haider Khan and his cabinet, not only has the coronavirus been brought under control, but the death rate in Azad Kashmir is almost non-existent in the world.The timely measures taken by the independent government have resulted in the number of active cases in Azad Kashmir being close to 190 today. The Prime Minister Raja Farooq Haider Khan took number of solid steps to effectively combat the spread of corona pandemic in the state. These include; strict screen­ing and checking system at all en­try points of the state, establish­ment of quarantine centres at divisional and district level and imposing section 144 as a precautionary measure to help stop the spread of coronavirus in the state. Due to the high-alert, all educational institutions remained closed, inter-provincial, inter-districts and intra city transport was suspended. Meanwhile, all business centers, hotels, shops and markets were closed except pharmacies, medical stores. Due to the effective mechanism and steps taken by the government, public showing the sense of responsibility started implementation on the government directives. AJK government’s timely measures helped in containing the spread of novel coronavirus, which is being appreciated world-wide.

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