Bureaucracy and Revolutionary Slogans of PTI

By: Malik Aslam Awan

PTI Government has come to power on the novel slogan and ideology of “change”. Twenty months have become the part of past but up-till-now even the signs of change are obviously remote to be seen even in next three years to come. During election campaign people seemed so enthusiastic and enchanted by the slogans of change, as if it is sure to come and their fortunes are bound to be changed. PTI’s slogans were so popular as every young and old was enamoured of I.K’s ideological, visionary change. General people thought that this time the real “Savior” has arrived to save them from injustice and basic amenities of life would be within their easy access. Poor masses presumed that the “savior” is sincere with them and an exemplary atmosphere is sure to prevail and clouds of disharmony, injustice, lawlessness, unemployment, poverty, unnecessary economic burden would be dispelled from national horizon. Looming large fears of uncertain future would disband, never to appear again. Revolutionary slogans of PTI got uncounted rehearsal and drum beating, to be presumed the order of the day. Day and night national electronic and print media continued leading the nation to a heaven like atmosphere, prevailing soon in the country. Youth of the nation who were ignored since long and despite having enough caliber were not let the chance to join the Government service or given due encouragement to start entrepreneur, to lead honourable existence and earn enough for the sustenance of their family and old parents, who have educated them having cut their own stomach and basic amenities of life. Bureaucracy, in Pakistan is a rampant horse, who is never to be tamed. Bureaucracy is a composite of so hard elements which never come to terms but mould the circumstances as they like. Imran Khan was, too, confident that bureaucracy has no enough guts to stall the implementation of PTI’s good Governance. But here begins the moot point. Bureaucracy has assumed the role of “the advisor”. Since the creation of Pakistan bureaucracy has multiplied its mushroom growth, to ramify itself to assume the title of “the real rulers” of Pakistan. Contrary to the situation, the Bureaucracy has the ability to revert the circumstances and create a baffling situation, to fish out of troubled waters. They knew the strategy how to manoeuvre against troublesome situation. PTI’s revolutionary slogans had to face the same fate. Even a single slogan has not been incarnated into reality. The price hike is gearing up day to day rise and the same is not to get stalemate even despite repeated solacing prophecy of Imran Khan, unemployment is rising to no check. Business community is between the devil and deep sea. Import and export has seen rising decline. In synopsis, one cannot allude even a single arena of life, which has not been disturbed, even to no end. Bureaucracy has turned turtle the shabby cart of PTI, in its initial rolling. The stalwarts of bureaucracy misappropriate national resources to avail themselves, for their own pedigree’s benefit. Their family members often have dual nationalities of advanced countries. Bureaucrats are machines of earning and their foreign assets are growing fatty day by day, as they draw money from public exchequer on paper and fake projects. PTI as well NAB has no intention except to crucify PPP and PML(N). The covenanted bureaucracy has diverted the channel of accountability to the two parties PPP and PML(N) only, in furtherance of their nefarious motives. Political parties endeavour hard to continue their existence and prolong their ruling era but the maneuvering bureaucracy is half-hearted to let the PTI to remain in the power corridor for long, they make hectic efforts to see PTI the same fate as that of its predecessors-PPP, PML(N), and continue the power chair game to no end, to aggrandize their own person and power, leading the all channels of national resources to their own homes not to the benefit of poor people who have pinned their hopes since long in the wait of ‘the savior’. Bureaucracy has maneuvered to implicate PTI in multi-pronged issues to weaken and restrain it to the mere struggle of its own existence, not to let PTI erode the safeguarding iron wall around their composite texture.

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