CM KP appeals Ulemas to play role in implementing SOPs issued for Eid ul Adha 

Our Correspondent


Peshawar: Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Mahmood khan, as precautionary measure in view of the prevailing Corona situation,  has decided to celebrate the upcoming Eid festival with utmost simplicity and has directed all his cabinet members including ministers, advisors and special assistants to celebrate Eid at their homes with simplicity and to avoid going to touristic spots for outings.

He has informed that no decision has yet been made to open the touristic spots of the province adding the the all the touristic spots will remain closed as usual for all kinds of touristic activities, and urged upon the general public to avoid visiting these places during the Eid holidyas so that any kind of inconvenience could be avoided.

The Chief Minister himself has decided to celebrate the upcoming Eid at his residence without having guests/public for Eid greetings. In a statement issued in this regard here on Sunday, Mahmood Khan has urged upon all the elected public representatives, political and religious leaders  and opinion makers to celebrate Eid with simplicity without having public Eid greetings at their residences as well as  play their effective role in convincing the general masses to strictly follow the precautionary measures during the Eid days.

He has made an appeal to the general public  to celebrate Eid at their homes, follow precautionary measures, adhere to the principles of social distancing and to avoid gatherings at their homes and  public places during the Eid festival so that the possible mass scale  outbreak of Corona could be averted.

The Chief Minister has termed adherence to all the precautionary measures during the upcoming Eid as highly important and urged upon the public to behave in a responsible manner and to exted full cooperation to the administration to ensure implementation of the SOPs issued for the Eid festival.

He made an special appeal to Ulemas and Prayer leaders to play their influential role in implementing the SOPs issued for Eid prayer and sacrificial activities. He has directed all the district administrations across the province to ensure srtict  implementation of SOPs in cattle markets set up for selling and buying of sacrificial animals.

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