Crimes Against State and Nation

By: Malik Muhammad Aslam Awan

Since we got independence a series of worst kind of lethal crimes are being frequently committed against state and nation and even a single criminal has not been awarded due punishment. A group having vested interests have intertwined themselves and their nefarious interests to pose themselves and their unwanted privileges as if their syndicate is high time prerequisite for the best interest of the country and without their existence and service, God forbids, the state will have to face serious repercussions even the unwanted situation of a failure state.              The aforementioned clique is not a new born mushroom but present since long and managed to continue its grip on state affairs since the inception of the country which found its creation on the basis of specific ideology; There is none to be worshipped except Allah Almighty and Muhammad (SAWW) is his last Prophet. Intriguing minds don,t believe in moving forward by dint of honesty, but by cunning maneuvring. We are required to adopt collective approach not individual interest. Living nations prefer collective and national interests, not the personal, this is the exclusive way to excellence and collective progress, the ever cherished mission of a nation who want to stand at the highest echelon of self respect, dignity and promising future in the comity of nations. Criminals who have inherited criminal instinct from their forefathers cannot live without committing crimes and indulging themselves in heinous criminal activities, with the community as well as with the state. Countries whose reins were in the hands of sincere leadership worked diligently for merit, transparency, honesty, equitable norms, principles and their motto and mission was to work for supremacy of law and constitution. They endeavoured hard to put the law and constitution on such a high pedestal that even the head of state could not afford to violate and if anyway happened so he had to relinquish his job without taking recourse to prolong his incumbency on one pretext or the other.            But in the country whose existence and continuation is strictly based on a specific  and distinct ideology of Islam, law and constitution is hatefully flouted by the privileged ones, not ceases the misfortune here the graveness of the situation is far more ahead one can perceive. Law and constitution breakers take pride in their being above the law and constitution. Once one clings to official position, by hook or by crook develop his relations with likeminded shrewd persons, who take pleasure in making a formidable syndicate to assume power to misappropriate state funds and divert its flow to their own homes. It has been observed that a specific clique holds key posts and prominent positions to make state affairs run as they deem better in their own interests, not in the interest of state or nation – which is their prime responsibility. The decadence in state affairs started with the hidden instinct to establish the hegemony of their own family over state interest instead of working for the aggrandizement of law and constitution in every sphere of life. To be an integral and everlasting part of privileged class even this mindset never hesitate to manoeuvre even against state interest to remain themselves stuck to power posts, even after a long service till the age of sixties, and affluent benefits till death without even moving a straw here to there. Here starts the whole injustice and crime against state and nation, educated, well groomed talented, promising youth, the cream of the nation is forcefully pushed back and dull minded lazy inefficient persons hailing from privileged class comes up to hold the reins of state, who harbour baneful vision not to uphold the writ of law, constitution, merit and principles and the aggrandizement but to boost their vested ends only. Our beloved homeland is a great blessing  of God Almighty and we are bound by the law of nature to muster courage and make concerted efforts for the supremacy of law, constitution merit, transparency and above all the personal ambitions, then we will have the realization of the dreams of Allama Iqball and Quid-e-Azam ( RA).

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