Eidul Azha: Sindh issues code of conduct for collecting sacrificial hides

Bureau Report

KARACHI: The Sindh home department has issued a code of conduct for collection of sacrificial hides on Eidul Azha.

According to the notification issued in the regard, the parties and organisations cannot collect the hides without getting prior permission from the commissioner or deputy commissioner concerned.

The notification also stated that no one will be allowed to install camps for the collection of skins or hides. Use of loudspeakers, writing or chanting of slogans and announcement from masajid or offices of any political parties and organisations will not be allowed.

Those permitted collection and transporting the collected hides shall carry the permission and ID Card during such activities. Moreover, ban on carrying weapons shall be strictly implemented while collection of hides by force will not be tolerated.

The law enforcement agencies under orders from district administration may conduct checking on spot for ensuring compliance. Any person violating any of the condition shall be prosecuted against under the relevant laws.

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