Faqir Qadir Bakhsh Bedel had a profound influence on Sufism: Dr. Yousaf Khushk

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ISLAMABAD: Faqir Qadir Bakhsh Bedel had a profound influence on Sufism in his nature. He was a great thinker, intellectual and a great personality. He was seven languages Arabic, Persian, Urdu, Sindhi, Seraiki, Punjabi and Hindi poet. This was stated by Dr. Yousaf Khushk, Chairman, Pakistan Academy of Letters (PAL) in an online Bedel Conference on the occasion of the 152nd anniversary of renowned Sindhi Sufi poet and intellectual Faqir Qadir Bakhsh Bedel in association with PAL and Bedel Memorial Committee, Sindh. He was presiding over the conference. The chief guest was Hafeez Khan and the guest of honor was Dr. Nabila Rehman. Among those who read the articles were Dr. Khidr Noshahi, Taj Joyo, Dr. Adil Soomro, Ayaz Gul, Dr. Rashidullah Makhmour Bukhari, Qurban Mangi and Akhtar Dargahi, Secretary, Bedal Memorial Committee, Sukkur. Conference moderated by Dr. Hakim Ali Bardo and Dr. Sadia Tahir.Dr. Yousaf Khushk said that Sindh has been the abode of saints, Sufis and religious leaders. Jalil-ul-Qadr Sufi poets like Hazrat Lal Shahbaz Qalandar, Shah Abdul Latif Bhattai, Hazrat Sachal Sarmast taught peace, brotherhood, love, brotherhood and harmony. Among these Sufis are the seven-language Sufi poet Faqir Qadir Bakhsh Bedel Becks. He is revered in Sindh as one of the great poets and Sufi saints of his time. His writings are still a beacon for people today. Haft Zaban poet Faqir Qadir Bakhsh Bedel opened his eyes in the Rohri area of Sukkur. His period spans from 1814 AD to 1872 AD. He was a Sufi poet, a scholar, a perfect saint of his time. He stayed in Rohri. Qadir Bedel was Qadir al-Kalam a poet. He left many books. His poetry focuses on philanthropy, peace and tolerance. His poetry is divided into two parts, one is mystical poetry, the other is love poetry and his poetry of both temperaments is popular.Hafeez Khan said that Bedel has a prominent place in Sufi poets. He raised awareness of public rights and national awareness in his poetry. He was a scholar of Seraiki, Sindhi as well as Urdu, Arabic and Persian. He has 36 important books, other than three books all are in Persian and Arabic. Bedel’s poetry is in 18 selected ragas witch directly touch hearts. His poetry is alive in the hearts of the people and not in the books.Dr. Nabila Rehman said that the philosophy of love in Bedel poetry is connected with the Sufis and has its own distinct identity. In his poetry, the philosophy of Islamic love is a combination of local tradition. Bedel’s love is an example of universality in which there is no status of material existence. Bedel describes universality in metaphors of color and colorlessness. He believes love is the eternal truth and the way of salvation. His poetry of love seems to have settled in him.Taj Joyo said that Bedel has not only maintained the intellectual continuity of his predecessors, especially Shah Abdul Latif Bhattai and Sachal Sarmast. It has also given them a new twist. A study of the poetry of Faqir Qadir Bakhsh Bedel shows that he was both Sahib Jamal and Sahib Jalal Sufi.Dr. Adil Soomro said that Bedel Faqir was strongly opposed to the capitalist and feudal classes of the society.Ayaz Gul said that Bedel Sai was an important poet, thinker and scholar of his time. He was l inspired by Sachal Sarmast. Akhtar Dargahi said that Faqir Qadir Bedal was the first Urdu poet in Sindh and a contemporary of Ghalib. Historically, he also wrote Sufi Kalam and Urdu Ghazal and Kafi in both Hindi and Rakhta traditions of Urdu poetry.Dr. Khazar Noshahi said that Bedel traveled extensively to different places and shrines.Mansoor Leghari said that after Hazrat Shah Abdul Latif Bhattai, Qadir Bakhsh Bedal is one of the great classical poets of Sindh.Makhmour Bukhari said that philanthropy and patriotism, love for his land, soil and inhabitants is a color of Bedal mysticism.Kurban Mangi said that the Bedel Memorial Committee has published 29 research books on Faqir Bedel and 19 journals containing literary conferences.

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