Flooding in Nai Gaj drowns several villages in Dadu

Special Reporter

DADU: Heavy rainfall in Dadu during ongoing monsoon spell has caused flooding in Nai Gaj and other drains.

According to reports, the water in Nai Gaj flowing at the level of 28 feet and more than 50 villages in its route have submerged.

The flooding in Gaj river has disrupted land link of more than 200 villages from Dadu and Juhi towns. Hundreds of villagers have taken refuge at trees and roofs of houses to avoid harm.

Nai Gaj is an ephemeral river in Dadu district, drains from the Kirthar mountain range and flows from Balochistan to Sindh.

It ends at Lake Manchar after flowing through the arid areas of Kachho region.

A project of construction of a dam on Nai Gaj was launched by the government to utilize the water has been incomplete for more than a decade.

Under the influence of the monsoon low pressure, Garhi Khero tehsil in Jacobabad, Kashmore, Nawabshah and Sujawal also received heavy rainfall causing drainage and sanitary problems for the people.

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