Freelancing: A New Dimension towards Prosperity

By; Farzana Chauhdary

A lot of us must have heard this term several times circulating on many Social Media Sites with mostly known title lines “Earn Online At Home, “but few of us take an interest in such things. Instead, we consider it some type of scams or time-wasting thing. The reason behind this kind of attitude towards such resplendent opportunity is the shortage of knowledge. This short article will be beneficial in knowing all about freelancing.

So basically, what is freelancing? Freelancing is a kind of self-employment in which a person is not officially committed to any specific organization or an employer. A freelancer works on contract bases with different companies rather than becoming a company employee, so he is ultimately self-employed. If you become a freelancer eventually, you will be on driving seat being responsible for deciding your workplace, working hours, billing clients, and even deciding which client you want to work for. In addition, freelancing is free of taxes and a fixed amount of pay. The more you invest your time, the more you will earn money. You don’t need to prepare yourself for the work and not to travel to the worksite as you have to do when you are a company employee. Summing up the importance, I would say freelancing is the kind of job which is going to give your life control in your hand

Moreover, Pakistan is on the fourth number in the scope of freelancing all over the world. Those who have absolute knowledge about that platform are utilizing themselves even in the current situation of lockdown when all other world businesses have been collapsed due to pandemic. All other developed countries are already enjoying such tremendous opportunities for employment as Upwork recent report shows that 56.7Million Americans freelanced in 2018. So, it is time for developing countries like Pakistan and India to explore such kind of platform as our youth need employment chances. This will help our young generation to become economically independent. Additionally, it helps in polishing necessary skills like typing speed, MS Word uses, communication skills, making your time-oriented, connecting globally, and many more to discuss.

So let’s come towards the most frequently asked question, “How can we do freelancing?” Most of you don’t know about the process of connecting yourself with different platforms of freelancing. There are several international platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, Toptal, Aquent, PeoplePerHour, etc. You just need to visit these websites and make your account with a proper profile description. These platforms offer a bundle of jobs like content writing, graphic designing, editing and proofreading, marketing and promotions, data entry jobs, online tutoring, social site promotion, logo design, and thousands more. So you will describe only those jobs in which you have some expertise. After that, you have to create gigs (mean which services you can provide and how much you will charge of your work). A client places an order to you if he finds you appropriate for his work. At this time, you get a chance to enamel your communication skills and convincing power. What now you need to do is just complete and submit your work on or before the deadline. In return, the client pays you for the work you did. Besides, if he adores your services, he rates your work, which helps you in the future to get more orders.

The majority complains of it that we don’t know how to get freelancing jobs. I must say it is not tough in this era of technology when all other countries are reaping benefits of it. There are a lot of videos on YouTube that can guide you step by step, making an account to place orders. Now, you just have to come out of your comfort zone and have to search for it. As we all know, success takes efforts, hard work, and a lot of time.

Apart from that, people have an oblique misapprehension about freelancing, which may be the main reason most of us don’t take an interest in online earning. That misunderstanding is about deceptions and fraud, which most of the people face in online jobs. Most of the time, clients don’t pay for your work. No doubt, it’s true, but it only happens when some people don’t use the internationally recognized platforms and get entangled in fake websites. Hence, try to figure out the authenticity of the website or organization before working for them. Keep on making new resources but the reliable ones.

Lastly, wrapping up my discussion, freelancing is the best opportunity for employment in the present era. You can do it either as your full time or part-time job. It is the best chance for university students to earn themselves along with their studies. Moreover, it will help them to sheen their professional skills even before starting their professional life. There is no age limit for freelancing; if you have the capability, you can earn through it. In the present scenario of lockdown, most of the Pakistani youth is just wasting time in useless things like PUBG, TikTok, and many other social media sites like Facebook and Instagram. They should come forward and should make the best use of their golden time by proving their abilities on international platforms of freelancing.

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