Girl impersonating as boy marries to another girl in Rawalpindi

Staff Reporter

RAWALPINDI: A girl impersonating as a boy married to another girl in Rawalpindi. ‘A B’ married to her friend ‘N’ and by tempering her name in CNIC and changed her name from ‘A B’ to Akash and got marriage in the court.

The father of bride girl, ‘N’, finding the reality filed writ in the Rawalpindi court and the court summoned both the girls on 15th July. ‘A B’ being impersonating as Akash also got registered Nikkah in Ward No 10 of Cantonment Board Rawalpindi. Both the girls are residents of Taxila.

The court issuing orders to both the girls and SHO Taxila Police Station summoned in the court on 15th July, 2020. Father of ‘N’ in his petition contended that it is anti-Islamic Sharia and being Muslim, our Sharia doesn’t allow any such marriage of girl to girl. The counsel of the petitioner in his appeal before the court also contended that any such issue has not been witnessed regarding marriage of girl to girl.

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