Good news of coronavirus is bad news at the same time

ISLAMABAD: The Sindh government’s findings of the coronavirus carriers is a good news to share but the same news has a seriously worrying aspect, revealed Adviser to Sindh Chief Minister on Law Murtaza Wahab. Talking to a senior member of The News, the adviser to Sindh chief minister said that the provincial government statistic shows that 90 percent of the carriers of coronavirus, who have tested positive, are asymptomatic. It means, he said, the 90 percent have no symptoms of the disease – No fever, no coughing, no breathing problem even. It also means the coronavirus will not cause any problem to them.

This is a good news and confirms the international studies, which suggest the virus does not harm 80 to 85 percent.

However, Murtaza Wahab said that the worst thing is that these are the coronavirus carriers who are apparently fine and healthy and are not in danger but become really dangerous for the people around them.

They are spreading the virus without even knowing that they are carrier of coronavirus. He said that the challenge for the government is firstly how to identify them and secondly how to keep them inside the quarantine area or even at home when they are otherwise fit.

Murtaza said that the 10 percent who get the virus have huge health issues and need serious medical interventions.

This is how the best news at the same time also becomes the worst news, Murtaza said, adding that this is the best news because the vast majority will not suffer. And the bad news is that they will also help in spreading it to those amongst whom 3-5 percent may not survive depending on the age of the population and the health conditions of the individuals and their immunity level.

About the results of the Zaireen coming from Iran, it is said that in the first batch, the Sindh government had received 302 people out of whom 151 tested negative and 151 had tested positive. The 2nd batch of 824 Zaireen had arrived in Sukkur, out of whom 765 people tested negative and 59 people tested positive. This is less than 10 percent.

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