Info Minister denounces Baseless propaganda regarding 15th amendment to 1974 Act

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Muzaffarabad: Minister of Information for the government of Azad Jammu and Kashmir, Pir Muhammad Mazhar Saeed Shah, has strongly condemned the unfounded and misleading propaganda being spread on social media regarding the draft of the 15th amendment to the 1974 Act and the powers of the Azad Kashmir government. He stated that these efforts are aimed solely at defaming the government and tarnishing its reputation, and they have no basis in reality.

In his statement, Minister Shah emphasized that those spreading such baseless and absurd propaganda are being closely monitored. He assured that all individuals who are involved in creating unrest and spreading false information through malicious propaganda will be brought to justice. He pointed out that the 15th amendment to the interim constitution of Azad Jammu and Kashmir was enacted last year, which removed the limit on the number of ministers. He reiterated that those spreading discord through such vile propaganda cannot deceive the people with their lies.

Minister Shah called on the public to recognize and be wary of the nefarious individuals behind these baseless and false propaganda campaigns. He urged the citizens to be vigilant against those who seek to disrupt the peaceful environment and brotherhood of the state for their own ulterior motives. The public should remain cautious of such elements that aim to create unrest and anxiety by spreading anti-state propaganda.

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