Inzamam queries ICC’s new set of rules

Sports Desk

ISLAMABAD: Former Pakistan captain Inzamam-ul-Haq has pointed out problems that according to him will arise at the time of implementation of social distancing rules announced by the International Cricket Council (ICC). According to the new rule announced by the world game’s governing body, players will no longer hand over sweaters or sunglasses to umpires and will be required to use sanitizers while coming in contact with the ball. But highlighting the expected problems, Inzamam said that it would not be easier to contain the things despite the restrictions. “Will slip fielders also stand at two meter’s distance from each other? If a bowler takes a wicket won’t his teammate rush towards him to celebrate the dismissal? Or if a bowler is delivering wrong, will the captain advice him from six feet’s distance? Will the two batsmen on the crease discuss strategy while standing at six feet’s distance?” the 50-year-old asked while speaking on his YouTube channel ‘The Match Winner’. He said it was heartening that cricket was making a comeback amid prevailing situation but there were many things which needed consideration. “So, these are serious issues. Let the cricket be played like the way cricket is played,” he said. The former batting great also spoke about the ban on use of saliva on the ball and was of the view the bowlers would be in a fix to get used to that restriction. “If a bowler is not allowed to apply saliva on the ball then it won’t move around as much and as a result of that he will prove costlier. “Then the bowler will opt for other things such as keeping Vaseline in the pocket to shine the ball. I don’t understand the logic behind not applying saliva. “It saliva can cause harm, then other things [such as Vaseline] can also cause problems,” he added.

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