Kashmiris had associated their future with Pakistan 24 days before its creation: Nabila Irshaad

Bureau Report


JEHLUM VALLEY: Chairperson Jammu and Kashmir Democratic Party Ms. Nabila Irshad spent Independence Day of Pakistan with the people of Jehlum Valley. Ms. Nabila Irshad along with Central Secretary General Dr. Waleed Rasool and Chairman Scholars Foundation Iftikhar Kazmi participated in various events held on the occasion of Independence Day of Pakistan and informed the people about the ideology of Pakistan and the purpose of making Pakistan. Talking to media in Jhelum Valley, she said that Kashmiris had associated their future with Pakistan before 24 days of establishment of Pakistan and told the world that they would stay with the state of Pakistan, she added.

Nabila Irshaad said that, in a meeting held at Ghazi Millat’s residence in Srinagar “Aabi Guzar” the All Jammu and Kashmir Muslim Conference, which represented the majority of the people of Jammu and Kashmir, established its relationship with the Kingdom of God-given Pakistan. The people of Pakistan have been telling the eternal story of sacrifices for their destination Pakistan for the last seven decades. Kashmiris are today struggling for the completion of Pakistan under the shadow of Indian atrocities. She said that the vision of Hazrat Quaid-e-Azam, the founder of Pakistan, has proved today that the establishment of a separate state was inevitable for the Muslims of the sub-continent. The situation in India and Indian Occupied Kashmir, every Muslim in the subcontinent today appreciates the foresight of Quaid-e-Azam and pays homage to him, she further said.

Talking at occasion, Dr Waleed Rasool said that today the entire Pakistani and Kashmiri nation is celebrating Pakistan’s Independence Day. Inshallah one day the people of occupied Jammu and Kashmir will also celebrate independence with their Pakistani brothers and sisters. Iftikhar Kazmi said that the Muslims of the subcontinent are now familiar with the purpose for which Pakistan was established, he added.

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