KGC remembers Martyrs’ Day victims

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New York : Kashmir Global Council (KGC) commemorated the historic event of 13th July 1931, commonly known as Youm-e-Shuhada-e-Kashmir (Kashmir Martyrs’ Day), with vigils in New York City (USA), Dallas (USA), and Toronto (Canada).

Addressing the gathering in Toronto, KGC President Farooq Siddiqi vowed to honor the memory of all Kashmiris who resisted despotic rule and laid down their lives for Kashmir’s liberation movement. He condemned India’s move to erase the history of Kashmir by removing Martyrs’ Day from public calendar.

Speaking to members in New York and Dallas respectively, KGC Vice-President Mufti Showkat Farooqi and Secretary-General Altaf Qadri resolved to continue advocating for the unification of Kashmir and for the establishment of a sovereign and independent Kashmir free from all foreign forces and occupation.

KGC recently wrote to United Nations Secretary-General about the deteriorating situation in Indian-occupied-Kashmir, continuing detention of political activists, intimidation of journalists, as well as draconian domicile law changes. KGC will continue to engage the diplomatic offices of UN as well as Western governments to bring attention to these issues.

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