Kumrat Valley received fewer tourists owing to COVID-19

Our Correspondent


DIR: The eye-catching and enchanting beauty of the picturesque Kumrat valley in Upper Dir district hasn’t received to many tourists this summer according to expectations as it receives in the summer season every year owing to the pandemic of the Covid-19 due to which businessmen especially hotelers are facing loss.The paradise Kumrat valley receives millions of tourists across the country as well from abroad every year especially for the last four to five seasons after visiting the Pakistan Tehrik-i-Insaaf’s chairman Prime Minister Imran Khan. After his visit to the Kumrat the number of the tourists had dramatically increased to millions.

After increasing in tourists people have made hotels, established their own small businesses and installs stalls in the rich season of tourism in Kumrat to earn handsome money. Due to spreading deadly pandemic of the Covid-19 the government imposed ban on entering tourists in tourists spots across the country. And thus, due to this ban in the Eidul Fitr vacations only a few tourists had visited the paradise Kumrat valley.

The glamorous atmosphere of the scenic valley of Kumrat has become ‘Gloomy’. The crystal bluish water, dense forests, lash green meadows, famous waterfall of the Kumrat has not been praised by the tourists yet in this summer. Owing to ban on entering of tourist in the tourist spots the businesses have also badly effected. And businessmen are facing a big financial loss.

They said that they had spent lots of money in repairing of hotels and on its decoration with hope to earn handsome money. However, they had very much disappointed after not allowing tourists to visit the picturesque valley. They said that those hotels and small businesses were their lonely sources of income. Shaukat Ali, owner of a hotel in Kumrat, said that they earned tens of thousands of rupees every year however that summer season due to imposing ban they were facing a big financial loss.

He said that though they had lost rich Eidul Firt vacations season in which they had earned lots of money, however they could get some livelihood for their families if the government left ban on entering tourists to tourists spots in the Eidul Azha vacations. Another owner, Jan Bahadar, said that they had disappointed and also had to bear lots of money. He said government should left ban and allow permission to tourists by that way they would also become satisfied by earning some respectable earning otherwise they would face a big financial loss at least that summer season.Hoteliers and businessmen demanded of the government to release ban on entering tourists in tourist destinations before the Eidul Azha vacation to protect them from more financial losses.

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