Loyalty to leadership inevitable for loyalty to state: Mushtaq Minhas

Bureau Report

BAGH: Nawaz Sharif is our ideology, said the Chief Organizer PML-N AJK and AJK Minister for Information, Tourism, Sports, and Youth Affairs, Raja Mushtaq Ahmed Minhas here on Wednesday. He expressed this in his special statement released from Bagh. He said that one who is not loyal to his leadership can never be loyal to the state. Because, loyalty to leadership is basically an ideological commitment without which one can never follow the democratic norms and values. Party has great importance in the democratic setup. If one follows all the decisions of party in good times then one must also stand with party in bad times, he added. Mushtaq Ahmed Minhas said that the former PM Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif is the symbol of progress and development. If someone wants to see progress and development in Pakistan he must travel through motorways. Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif gave the vision of laptops to the young generation, he added.

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