Most important issue of students

By: Warda Abbasi

By the way, everyone keeps shedding light on the current situation. And there are situations that start with the government and end with the government. If not, there is no talk about the future of this country. Young yes! The youth who are the capital of this nation do not talk about their future. Today’s youth are very worried about their future. The life of today’s youth is limited to the courtyard of their home starting from their bedroom. This was the story of the youth nowadays. Now let’s talk about educational institutions. I think the development of any country is its education system. If the education system is the best, then there is no doubt that success is the goal of this country. And In our country where the education system is given the lowest priority. Take today’s example … Online Classes Yes, we students are being pushed into a mill that has no purpose. Online classes have no future. We do not say that we should not be taught. We do not say that. We should be passed like school and college students. If we are giving online classes, then a system should be set up accordingly. When students raise their voice for their rights, they are the ones who are silenced. All the students in the world are getting the same education. Now the question is whether the rest of the countries have the same system of internet which is in our country at present? Do other countries also treat their students in the same way? There will be a few cities in our country where the internet is working properly. And the websites of the universities themselves are not working and they have started teaching online. The students have not given up and have started so called online classes. The progress to advanced learning will be particularly testing inside lower-salary or remote zones. The endeavors of the HEC and cell organizations during this emergency should be lauded, however their brisk reaction likewise makes one wonder: Was broadband access not fundamental before COVID-19? Some time before the coronavirus caused national to notice the issue, computerized incorporation advocates were focusing on the unique results for understudies without web. Individuals in the instructive innovation industry, which produces everything from web based learning programming to devices that track the profitability of understudies, accept they’re ready to help tackle difficulties. the educators are claiming to copy homeroom involvement with 40 minutes’ time allotments on zoom. That is unimaginable on the grounds that most occasions the transfer speed is so helpless understudies can’t see them. The understudies are not animated to learn. Specialized subjects and lab time can’t be instructed on zoom or other video gushing programming projects. There is a contrast between web based learning by means of gushing and real self-guided internet learning. Stages like Coursera are a case of self-managed learning. World’s top colleges are attempting the last mentioned and Pakistani colleges are upholding the previous since instructors were not given whenever to plan for either. Beberg Baloch, a student of private university expressed his concerns saying, “We few friends from Balochistan were really concerned and depressed when they announced for online classes because it was representing a digital divide in Pakistan. We thought of taking an initiative of Twitter campaign and protest on social media platforms because the war-torn areas have no facilities at all. Our trend #We_Want_Semester_break gained momentum and the students from all over Pakistan joined the protest. It has created a hope for the students of all public and private universities, as students are boycotting the online classes and many universities suspended them. Now from Chitral to Gwadar, students are speaking against the digital divide but corporate sector is still there to maintain the fear and threaten the students. We are no one yet we are everywhere on social media, which justifies our stance for student unity in Pakistan. We are hopeful for a positive outcome and are not afraid of online threats. By the way, many universities have already finished this semester. Now it is time for another drama. And the new drama is the fee for the new semester. Yes, you are right. Because of COVID-19, where all business is closed or whatever is going on, there is no situation where parents have to pay the fees together. The rest of what the government has done is visible to all. Now the government should come up with a plan that will not be a burden on parents and will not be to the detriment of the universities. There are also young people who used to bear their own educational expenses. We also need to take care of such students. The situation of the university where they have their own money is in the cycle of taking fees from the students. No one never knows when this epidemic will end and when educational institutions will be opened. If the educational system of this country improves then success will be the destiny of this nation and country.

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