MoU signed for installing hand-washing booths at every ‘Panahgah’

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APP34-15 ISLAMABAD: June 15 - 'Panahgah' management signs MoU with SPO to install hand-washing booths at shelter homes. (Match picture with the story slugged “MoU signed for installing hand-washing booths at every ‘Panahgah’’ already released by APP. APP

ISLAMABAD: The Management of ‘Panahgahs’ (shelter homes) has decided to install hand-washing booths at every facility of the major cities to protect dwellers from COVID-19 and others diseases. The management here on Monday signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Strengthening Participatory Organization (SPO) for a leap forward in shared responsibility and, to promote hygiene habits at the facilities. “‘Keep Panahgahs Clean’ campaign receives a big boost today with the signing of formal MoU between the SPO and Panahgah Management Team,” Prime Minister’s Focal Person on ‘Panahgahs’ Naseem ur Rehman told the media in a signing ceremony held here. It marked a milestone in terms of transforming ‘Panagahs’ into a safe , secure and sustainable shelter for the daily wage earners who streamed into big cities to seek livelihood, he added. Talking to APP after the signing ceremony, the focal person said the management had already installed hand-washing stations at three facilities of the federal capital including those which located near Islamabad Sabzi Mandi and Sector G-9. He said rest of the capital’s ‘Panahgahs’ would soon get the facility in days to come. “In the first phase, we are going to install the booths at shelter homes of the twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad, and Lahore,” he mentioned. He said the hand-washing stations, provided with disinfection liquid and clean water, would help promote hand-hygiene among the residents. “In the prevailing situation, hand-washing booths at the ‘Panah gahs’ will work as a critical equipment in combating the deadly virus which has devoured several lives across the world,” the focal person remarked. Naseem ur Rehman said the service providers and Saylani team members, who work hand in hand at the ‘Langar Khanas’ (food center) and ‘Panahgahs’ were being sensitized on COVID precautions regularly to promote the norm of hand-washing, which was the most needed preventive measure against the global pandemic. “The most effective way to get the message across to be backed up with a readily available supplies needed for its adoption,” he noted. The SPO is one of the largest civil society organization working since 1994 has now its outreach in 75 districts. The organization is dedicated to advance sustainable development goals.

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