Mushaal for imposing defense, economic sanctions against India

Staff Reporter


ISLAMABAD: The Chairperson Peace and Culture Organization Mushaal Hussein Mullick lashed out fascist Indian government for unleashing wave of barbarism and state terrorism in the Indian Occupied Kashmir and demanded the international community to impose defense and economic sanctions on India.In a video message, Mushaal, who is the wife of detained Kashmiri leader Mohammad Yasin Malik, she said that the Indian brutal forces exceeded all limits of committing inhuman acts and atrocities but strangely, the world community and so-called human right organizations observed criminal silence.Mushaal said that the Kashmir has been turned into a volcano, which would soon engulf the whole India, as the reaction over the killing elderly man in front of his three-year-old grandson is its clear manifestation.She said that every day there is a horror story and the killing of elderly man is another addition to the horrifying stories, as he was pulled by the terrorist army and killed point blank in front of his little innocent children. “The three year old little boy was trying to wake up his grandfather in the middle of the sound of a bullet despite the fact he was martyred,” she stated. Mushaal said that Indian forces have been treating Kashmiri people in such fashion for the last several decades but unfortunately the world powerful countries total oblivious to the Indian continued state terrorism and unabated inhuman acts. She appealed that the international community should wake up, as the Indian barbaric forces have been given license to kill the innocent Kashmiri people to create an environment of fear to silence the voices of right to self-determination.Mushaal said that the horrifying stories in the occupied valley just like the killing of the aged Kashmiri became a business as usual but unfortunately the whole world is blind to the Indian’s atrocities.“This could have been your children as well. She questioned why the world is not waking up, making reports or petitions are useless. World has now to impose defence as well as economic sanctions against India for its inhuman acts,” she added.The Chairperson urged that Indian is buying lethal weapons, which are being used against the unarmed civilians in Kashmir. Mushaal said that Kashmiris have been denied their basic and birth rights; hence the World Community should go beyond mere issuing condemnation statements, and impose defence and economic sanctions against India for such gruesome and inhuman acts.“The barbaric forces are using every kind of ammunition on Kashmiris including pallets, phosphorus shells as the Narendra Modi government thinks Kashmiris are toys or tools. They are worse and rubbish and even rubbish goes into rubbish cane,” She added.   Mushaal said that Kashmiris have been deprived of all fundamental constitutional rights; hence the world power and human right organizations should play their due to role to impose economic and defence sanctions against New Delhi.

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