NAB summons Khawaja Asif in housing society case

Bureau Report

LAHORE: The National Accountability Bureau (NAB) has summoned Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) leader Khawaja Asif tomorrow in a case about the Kent View Housing Society Sialkot.

The Bureau had initially asked the PML-N leader to appear before the anti-graft body on June 26, however, his attorney had informed the Bureau that his client would not be able to appear as he was busy with the National Assembly’s budget session.

A spokesperson for the anti-graft body said Asif’s lawyer, Najam-ul-Hasan, had submitted answers on behalf of his client, however, the Bureau had deemed them unsatisfactory and summoned the former defence minister on July 3.

NAB has asked Asif to appear at 11am in personal capacity.

Asif accused of establishing housing society on state land and selling plots against approved layout

The Bureau has accused the PML-N leader of establishing a housing society on state land, selling plots in excess of the approved layout plan and land grabbing.

According to a call-up notice issued to Asif for his last appearance, NAB stated that the evidence collected so far reveals that the PML-N leader prima facie established a housing project, namely Kent View Housing Society Sialkot, which has been operating illegally.

The Bureau had asked him to explain what are the sources and total amount of funds invested in the project by him, by his wife and son and other partners.

The corruption watchdog had alleged that Asif, in collusion with the management of the society, illegally sold plots in excess of the approved layout plan of 137 kanals.

It added that Asif in connivance with the revenue authorities obtained relevant approvals even though the society was in illegal occupation of the state land. NAB also claimed that the former defence minister, in collusion with the management of the society, illegally occupied various pieces of land owned by individuals who never sold their land to the society.

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