NCOC observes decline in Covid-19 testing due to ‘dip in demand’

Our Correspondent


ISLAMABAD: The National Command and Control Center (NCOC) has observed a decline in the number of Covid-19 testing across the country particularly in Sindh and Punjab.

This was revealed in a meeting of NCOC on Saturday headed by Planing Minster Asad Umar to review the overall Covid-19 situation including the implementation of smart lockdown in the virus hotspots, according to an official statement. The meeting was attended by chief secretaries and health secretaries of the provinces through video link

The Sindh health secretary told the forum that there has been a decrease in testing capacity due to some administrative issues “which will be resolved in the next two to three days and there will be a significant increase in testing numbers.”

The other provinces informed the NCOC that the demand for testing has decreased and people are preferring home isolation. The forum observed there has been a slight decline in the number of symptomatic and suspected Covid-19 patients. “Since June 14, 542 lockdowns in 20 cities across the country are enforced due to which movement is restricted in these areas,” according to the official statement. The provinces also informed the forum that the positive behaviour has been noted among the masses in the smart lockdown areas with regards to compliance of the standard operating procedures against the contagious disease. Covid-19 testing capacity raised to record 26,000 The provinces briefed the NCOC on the implementation of enforcement measures for industries, markets, transport, government offices, mosques and public gatherings.

With regard to the implementation of health guidelines, courts followed guidelines the most, said the statement adding that more was needed to be done to implement safety measures in markets and shopping malls. Similarly, in hospitals and isolation centers, implementation of safety measures was the highest, while in the transport sector response was more wanting. The provinces appreciated the NCOC’s TTQ [testing tracing quaratine] strategy and health guidelines which helped to slow the spread of virus in the smart lockdown areas.

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