Our Parliamentary System

By Warda Abbasi

This is a free nation and I am introducing my situation as a liberated individual. Everybody living in this nation has the option to have their state. Furthermore, I practiced that correct today to establish that title. So let me start by saying what did the parliamentary framework give us? What’s more, what would it be able to give us? The motivation behind the parliamentary framework is just for individual addition. On the off chance that the parliamentary framework is placed into basic words, it would not be right to state that “influential individuals need to come into governmental issues” just to come to Parliament on their own cash. Simply give individuals cash and get votes in favor of themselves. Or on the other hand go to the cutting edge of the network in governmental issues.
Such individuals have neither great training nor great ethics. Aside from significant issues of the nation, they talk about one another’s presentation which has no particular reason. Rather than building the eventual fate of this nation, they center around molding their own future. They likewise make ready for people in the future. Regardless, their relatives remain on government cash. Their kids are so dependent on riches and popularity that they don’t comprehend others’ kids. What’s more, when these kids grow up, following in the strides of their precursors, they come to Parliament. Furthermore, these individuals advance the parliamentary framework in this nation only for their own delight.
This nation is denied of just a couple of individuals. Furthermore, these couple of individuals are hurting this nation and advancing the parliamentary framework in this nation just for their own pleasure and opportunity. I think everybody in this nation, from kids to the old, from the poor to the rich, has the privilege to consider this nation and offer their input. Nobody can stop it. What’s more, in light of that, I’ll proceed onward.
Presently take a gander at the limits of abuse !! In our nation, individuals who bomb registration become clergymen of instruction. There is nobody to ask them. What’s more, how might anybody inquire? The entire parliament is brimming with their family members. Furthermore, such individuals like the parliamentary framework.
Etic! Individuals who don’t have a clue about the “letters in order” of business become account pastors. what’s wrong! What’s more, these are the individuals who sooner or later state why the nation isn’t creating? Where can this nation create? At the point when such reasonable individuals will be so touchy
Take a gander at what this parliamentary framework luckily gave us from 1973 to 2018, at an age when our kids scarcely register, their youngsters become extremely rich people. Where our kids scarcely get a thousand rupees from home and their kids go around for an ATM brimming with a large number of rupees. Amazing, what a framework.
From 1973 to 2018, the framework got just significant debasement embarrassments and huge pay off stories. Illicitness, counterfeit degrees, joblessness, psychological warfare and a large portion of all, the nation is in the red. What isn’t in this nation. Everything is there, yet it has not been utilized appropriately to date. Additionally, on the off chance that we look, from 1973 to 2018, just two families administered the nation. Nobody else.

In the event that we take a gander at Ayub Khan’s presidential framework interestingly, we realize that it was a brilliant age for Pakistan when Pakistan transformed the world. The advancement that Pakistan made around then has not been made till date.
Ayub Khan at that point built up Pakistan’s farming and constructed Pakistan’s trench framework, which is as yet well known everywhere throughout the world. Moreover, he gave Wask Dam, Mangla Dam, Simli Dam, Rawal Dam, Hub Dam, Tarbela Dam and Khanpur Dam to this nation. From 1958 to 1969, Pakistan had credit time. And afterward there was the presidential framework. Around then, Pakistan gained ground in each field.
I think on the off chance that the presidential framework goes to our nation, at that point our nation will be on the way of advancement once more. Inshallah, for what reason are we taking a gander at the remainder of the nations, why we are seeing the crumbling in them because of the presidential framework. Why not take a gander at your history. Gain from your home what others have to see.

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