Pak Kashmir foundation, Tehreek e Kashmir Italy organize Kashmir Rally

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Bologna, Italy: Pak Kashmir foundation supported by Tehreek e Kashmir Italy held Kashmir Rally at Bologna City, Italy .Hundreds of Kashmiris and Pakistanis joined the rally to show solidarity with the besieged kashmiris. President Tehreek e Kashmir Uk Fahim Kayani joined and addressed as chief guest, while guest speakers who addressed the rally were President Tehreek e Kashmir Italy Mehmood Sharif, Former President TeK Italy Tanveer Kadhar, Shezad Sahi President Pakistan Kashmir Federation Italy, Mustansir Warrich Pakistani community leader, Khalil Bhutt Former Senior Vice President Tehreek e Kashmir Europe.President Tek Fahim Kayani during his address said that Modi and his companions Amit shah and Ajit Doval introduced punitive, harsh & illegal laws in IOJ&K after 5th August last year. Indian atrocities on the besieged people of Kashmir touched peak since.Kayani added that kashmiris living across the world observed Indian independence as Black Day and told the world that India has no right to celebrate independence by usurping the birthright of Kashmiris.“ Its high time the world powers must step in and put pressure on india to leave kashmir and start the process of plebiscite as per UN Resolutions.” Kayani added.President TeK italy Mehmood shareef said that, Kashmiris demand is that of Freedom, Kashmiris thousands of lives for the sake of freedom will never go in vain, while Tehreek e Kashmir will keep the cause alive in Europe. Pakistanis and Kashmiris by observing indian independence day as black day showed the world that India is the usurper of Kashmiris rights, their freedom and lives. Former President TeK Italy Tanveer Kadhar urged EU, UN and world powers to help solve Kashmir issue as soon as possible, Kashmir has become a Nuclear flash point and for the peace and stability of South Asia kashmir issue needs to be resolved.Shezad Sahi President Pakistan Kashmir Federation Italy said that during the past year india unleashed atrocities on the besieged people of Kashmir, killed educated youth in fake encounters, demolished houses and molested women during search operations. Mustansir Warrich Pakistani community leader asserted that world must stop double standards and put pressure on India to abide by International law and UN resolutions to solve Kashmir issue.Khalil Bhutt Former Senior Vice President Tehreek e Kashmir Europe said that its high time Kashmir issue is resolved as per the aspirations of Kashmiris, thousand sof sacrifices and sufferings of Kashmiris must not go in vain, Kashmiri and Pakistani diaspora in Europe has showed the world that Kashmiris are not alone and will defend kashmir cause at every forum.Thousands of Kashmiri and Pakistanis from all walks of life joined the rally, chanted slogans against modi and Indian Opression in IOJ&K.

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