Pakistan has vast opportunities for trade with UK: Hashmi

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Islamabad: Chairman British Pakistani Foundation, a well-known social leader and entrepreneur Khurshid Ahmad Hashmi has said that there are vast opportunities for trade and investment between Pakistan and the UK, and there is a need for contacts at all levels to increase trade cooperation between the two countries. He said this during an interview on the occasion of his current visit to Pakistan. Khurshid Hashmi said that history is a witness that overseas Pakistanis have worked day and night in Britain. Khursheed Ahmad Hashmi said that Pakistani products are liked in Britain so it is important that Pakistani businessmen pay attention to export of Pakistani products in the UK and for this purpose increase the export of Pakistani products by contacting the relevant Chambers of Commerce and business organizations so that Pakistan gets valuable foreign exchange. Khurshid Ahmad Hashmi said that there are investment opportunities in the UK as well and the businessmen and investors of both countries can benefit from it. Khursheed Ahmad Hashmi said that on the occasion of his visit to Pakistan, he had met the officials of the Pakistan Federation of Chambers of Commerce and the leaders of business organizations and had convinced them that they should invite trade delegations from Britain to Pakistan for stability and investment in Pakistan’s economy and introduce them to the many facilities and favorable environment provided for investment in Pakistan. Khursheed Ahmad Hashmi said that Overseas Pakistanis are playing their full role to bring pakistan into the ranks of successful countries and if they are patronized and encouraged, they can serve the nation in a better way and help Pakistan earn foreign exchange.

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