PARC, Green System Pakistan Private Limited sign MoU

Staff Reporter

Islamabad: A memorandum of understanding was signed between PARC-PATCO Company and Green System Pakistan Pvt. Limited on August 12, 2020. At this occasion, CEO PATCO, Dr. Muhammad Amjad and CEO Green System Pakistan Pvt. Limited, Rana Tahawar Ali Khan were the signatories while the document was witnessed by Dr. Tariq Sultan, Secretary PATCO and Brigadier (Retd) Azam Effendi, Chairman Effendi group of companies. Dr. Amjad said, the step is taken to give a fillip to the country’s GDP through commercial science based agriculture solutions. Through this MOU we intend to collaborate with Green System Pakistan Pvt. Limited for the development of products like biogas production through modern technology for filling the cylinder, organic fertilizer, controlled dairy farming, diverse range of hydroponic fodder production, milk production and processing, drying of alfalfa, Mombasa, Corn silage, Halal meat production and processing, fruit and vegetable processing and export, renewable power generation, R&D in medicinal plants and tissue culture, plants production of potato seed tuber and date palm. Further Mr. Tahawar informed, under this agreement, establishment of laboratories for tissue culture, honey, an installation of processing machineries for dairy products, compost plant and mineral water plant will be carried out at PARC research stations. In order to revenue generation, Green System Pakistan Pvt. Limited will be responsible for marketing of the products and will also make arrangements for their exports. While appreciating the signing of MOU, Chairman PARC, Dr. Azeem khan expressed his great pleasure and said that PARC working to increase the share of agriculture in GDP especially agriculture leased products can play a vital role in increasing exports of the country. This MoU will be a source to market research oriented products of PARC system. These products will be certified by establishing certification labs and quality assurance will be provided by PARC system. PARC is marketing its products through public private partnership. Where Marketing will be the responsibility of private sector. Hence PARC is striving to fulfill the vision of Prime Minister to enhance the exports of the country for sustainable economy. The Chairman further added that this MoU will be good step to boost agriculture product, new products development and their export for better earnings.

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