President AJK calls upon international community to bring India into Justice

Our Correspondent

MUZAFFARABAD: The Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) President Sardar Masood Khan on Thursday welcomed the call of the UN Secretary General Antnio Guterres to India, forced to stop killing of innocent children and the arrests of the youth by its forces in occupied Kashmir. “This is a good omen that at last the United Nations has broken its silence over the situation of the held territory. But instead of making calls, the international community should bring India into justice for its crimes against humanity in Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir”. He made these remarks while commenting on the latest report released by the UN Secretary General late Wednesday. The AJK president said that the report particularly speaks about the killing of eight innocent children, use of pellet guns to render the youth blind and the arrest of 68 children at the hands of Indian occupation forces in occupied territory. AJK President, however, revealed that actually thousands of Kashmiri children have been martyred, hundreds of youth arrested and tortured in prisons and detention centres, and thousands of children were made orphan during the last 30 years. He asserted a large number of children of nine to 13 years of age were among the 13,000 civilians the Indian Army has arrested during curfew and the lockdown in the different parts of the occupied territory since August 5, 2019. These children are still rotting in different prisons in northern India and occupied Kashmir, and they are not being released even after the outbreak of coronavirus, he added. The AJK President called upon the UN Secretary General to constitute an international inquiry commission as per recommendations of the report of the Human Rights Commission. The commission, he asserted, should be given task examine the human rights trampling in IOJK and submit its report to the United Nations. Sardar Masood Khan said that India is a country which remains unmoved in response to demands and the expression of concern by the international community. In order to force India to respect the human rights, it is imperative for the international community to take concrete steps. While touching upon the skirmishes between the Chinese and Indian forces in Ladakh, the AJK president said that there was a great difference between the treatment of the Indian army towards the defenseless Kashmiris and the attitude towards the Chinese army in Ladakh. “The Indian Army which has been blood bathing the innocent peaceful citizens in occupied Kashmir and have been torching the whole localities on the fake excuse of attacks by freedom fighters, has fled from the Galwan valley of Ladakh abandoning corpses of its 20 troops,” he added. The AJK president said that India’s attitude in Ladakh suggests that it understands only the language of force. President Sardar Masood Khan has strongly condemned unrelenting ceasefire violations by the Indian army from across the Line of Control (LoC), as three more civilian were killed in Indian shelling on Wednesday. The latest causalities occurred in Datot village of Nakyal Sector in Southern Kotli district when a mortar shelled from an Indian military from across the LoC hit a residential house in the house killing three inmates of the house instantly. President Khan said that India had been continuing unprovoked firing along the LoC for a long time in violation of the ceasefire agreement. The cowardly actions India cannot deter the valiant Kashmiri people from their just struggle for their right to self-determination.

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