Providing clean drinking water health facilities to poor is my mission says, Perveen Sarwar

Bureau Report

LAHORE: Vice Chairperson Sarwar Foundation, Wife of Governor Punjab, Perveen Sarwar has said that mission of Sarwar Foundation is to save lives by providing access to quality healthcare and clean drinking water, and tackle poverty by educating children, empowering women and helping those in need in Pakistan. we aim to increase the availability of clean water in Pakistan, to prevent unnecessary illnesses and death. Perveen Sarwar has further said that providing clean drinking water and health facilities to the poor is her life’s mission. She wants to impart sewing and other technical skills to women to adorn them with jewel of honorable employment .She further said that they are also expanding the scope of “Hunargah” centres. She was speaking to the media on the occasion of signing the MoU of Sarwar Foundation with social activist Mian Wajid Mahmood. Speaking to media, Sarwar Foundation Vice Chairperson Perveen Sarwar further said that according to the MoU, the Sarwar Foundation will set up 10 filtration plants in Pakpattan district to provide clean drinking water to the poor and set up “skill centers” at 5 different places to teach women various skills for free. A Hunargah centre and a filtration plant have been inaugurated and preliminary work is being started for the rest. Parveen Sarwar said, “I am happy to announce that today the Sarwar Foundation has provided clean drinking water to the poor.” She added, It has become the largest welfare organization in Pakistan and other philanthropists are also cooperating with us. We thank social worker Mian Wajid Mahmood and his team who have joined hands with the Sarwar Foundation. She told that he has decided to do this good deed. she further vowed that Inshallah, let us provide together drinking water to the poor people of Pakpattan. She also announced that we will provide clean drinking water and provide free skills to women. We also set up free medical camps to provide health facilities to the poor people where there are specialists in various fields and daily in these camps. Thousands of patients are being tested and given free medicines. On this occasion, Mian Wajid Mahmood said that there is no doubt that the philanthropists and the people have confidence in the service of Sarwar Foundation because of transparency and merit in all their work. We will work with Sarwar Foundation not only in Pakpattan District but also in Punjab and other cities of the country to provide clean drinking water and health facilities to the people and we are all in the midst of the problems that Pakistan is facing today. We need to work together

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