Psychology Deserves more Consideration

By: Mahum Ijaz

It’s an immense pleasure to write for an important dilemma in our society. Being a student of psychology, I feel myself responsible to speak about my chosen field regarding its significance and challenges. The students while selecting this field are criticized and discouraged both by family and society because of its less prominent career and growth opportunities. There are a few students who come with a clear vision and passion to do something really worthy. Where we are advancing in technological and material sciences there is an equal need to put concerned spotlight on human development. As John F. Kennedy said: “The human mind is our fundamental resource” is well justifying. There is a dire need to have psychologists in almost every sphere of life. As for as the matter of career development there is a separate committee often named as office of career services (OCS) who works and arranges all the activities regarding career development. The Office of Career Services works to educate, connect, and advise students about opportunities in order to foster their intellectual, social, and personal transformations. It has a valuable role in guiding, motivating and converting degrees into professions. Moreover, it works for all the departments equally and un discriminately. Besides appreciating some efforts of OCS in different universities, I have some serious reservations. First, I came across that there is always notifications about job opportunities related to business or for some other fields but not for sciences especially social sciences. There is hardly any updating of scholarships or national outreach programs for the neglected soul. There exist pessimism and shattered motivation among students regarding this issue. There is a need to develop credible relations with renowned social sciences organizations and entities to provide better career opportunities within the country and abroad too. We need to evolve the valuable potentials before it may extinct. I would love to see the struggling boat of psychology be enough strong to cut through storms in my lifetime.

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