‘Rafale fighter jets won’t make a difference after India’s humiliation by China’

City Reporter

ISLAMABAD: Federal Minister for Human Rights Shireen Mazari said on Wednesday that India is upping the ante against Pakistan in terms of arms build-up.

Sharing a news report about France speeding up Rafale fighter jet deliveries to India on her official Twitter handle, she wrote: “Armed to the teeth but against whom? After its humiliation by China these planes won’t make a difference in terms of the China-India equation.

“So clearly India upping the ante against Pak in terms of weapons build up! Still bruising over Balakot too!”

Speaking on the floor of the National Assembly yesterday, Prime Minister Imran Khan had said Pakistan has no qualms that Monday’s terrorist attack on the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) was orchestrated in India.

Prime Minister Imran Khan said the attack was similar to terrorism incidents taking place in Mumbai. “We have no doubt that this [attack] was carried out by India.”

He hailed a police sub-inspector and three security guards who lost their lives while thwarting the attack as “heroes”.

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